Retail prices of 16x DVD DL burners still falling

I just posted the article Retail prices of 16x DVD DL burners still falling.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us some good news, as it seems that 16x DL DVD drives prices continue to fall!Retail prices of 16x DVD DL (single-sided double-layer) burners…

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The retail prices of the DVD DL burners is not a problem any more BUT the price of the DL media IS a major problem!!! :frowning:

Shadowman69, I believe that DL media should start falling once people start demanding the DL media.

Its been in demand since the first dvd burner.

Yep but not at the prices they’re knocking it out at eh? @ Shadowman69 Prices don’t tend to fall with increasing demand, they only fall with increasing competition, at present there are too few manufacturers of Dual Layer discs. Get the low quality brands going and the rest will drop their prices to compete…let’s face it at £4-5 per disc the pirates are not the ones backing up movies, they’re the ones selling the discs!
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I agree and I AM DEMANDING DL MEDIA since my first DL burner!!! :d But the price is still too high :c

This is not how the basic law of supply vs demand works. If there is low supply, but high demand, the price goes UP. If there is high supply, but low demand, the price goes DOWN. So as demand goes up, unless supply goes up, the price will also go up.

It is different for NEW and EMERGING markets. In ESTABLISHED markets, the supply vs. demand follows the classic model. With new products, you don’t get more supply until demand reaches a point where it makes sense for increased manufacturing. Hence, you need more DL burners in the hands of the general DVD burning audience in order to entice more than a few media producers to start mass producing DL media. Kind of a catch 22. Remember the failure of the DAT for audio music? Tell me that the media makers for today’s DVD’s don’t recall that bit of history. It was resurrected to a point for computer data backup. Can’t be any more plain than that.
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Maybe they want to dispose their stocks coz blu-ray and hd-dvd burners is jsut around the corner :slight_smile:

The price of dual layer dvd recordables is expected to drop to about half of what it is now in about 3 months as greater supplies of them are manufactured and shipped. At the moment, supplies are very limited and so premium prices can be charged to the early adopters. Just be patient. It won’t be all that long before d/l media becomes affordable.

Yeah… sure… and in about 3 months we will have DVD SL at about 0.3 each and DVD DL at about 3.0 each AND this is still not so good… :frowning:

I can get DVD Single Layer at 22 cents each (Canadian), Even at half price, the difference is still not justifiable for me to spend so much extra for DL.
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