Retail prices of 16x DVD burners continue to fall



I just posted the article Retail prices of 16x DVD burners continue to fall.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that the new 16x drives
are dropping in price some more!
Retail prices of 16x DVD Dual…

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wasn’t there an article or two about DVD drives not being as popular as anticipated in this quarter? Dropping prices to move inventory on a fast-improving technology like DVD drives seems to make sense, then. It will help make way for the new drives. I think the talk of media shortages is unrelated (and quite possibly BS…)


If generosity of repeated phenomenon is possible, then mechanical industry and its component costs would one day rule the world. If one survivies :wink:


I would expect these products to drop in price to the same level as cd burners soon. look where they started


I think those articles you mention were refering to DVD writer standalones, not PC DVD Burners. The later are selling very, very well.