Retail Plextor PX-716SA Serial ATA drive for $131 shipped



Retail plextor PX-716SA serial ATA drive for $131, this is an awesome deal for a retail version of SATA drive from plextor. I do not know how reputable is, but it is a good deal



This is pretty much a regular price online. $125 + $4 shipping at


As they say… NO ONE beats NEWEGG! :slight_smile:


Got mine for $100 at Best buy many months ago. This is not a bargain.


Wow–must have been a rebate at BB for that, since I have yet to see them put the Plextor 716a on sale around here. :stuck_out_tongue: Either way, that’s a nice price break you got. :smiley:


That was a $30 Plextor rebate. The price of 716A at Best Buy has always been $130, except for a few days in early March when it was lowered to $101 due to a pricing mistake, when somebody at Best buy thought the Plextor rebate period has ended while it continued through the end of March. In those few days, it was possible to get 716A for $71 after rebate.

Also note that this thread is about the Serial ATA version of the 716 which was not and is not sold by Best Buy. 716SA has always been about $10 higher.


The only current advantage to a SATA, is the ability to save your ide connections, and have a clear seperate pipe for data. No real speed edge. I would wait for them to come down in price. I got my px716a for around $80.00 (retail box).


SATA makes your case look clean, less tangling lines and especially for those who have clear see-thru cases