Retail music industry faces extinction with present course

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Can you stand another study? Of course you can, it tells of how the music industry is shooting off it’s own feet with a Tech-9! In this one, done by research group Mintel, they mention…

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AS went the dinosaur…so goes the music industry…:X

Let’s not forget the amount of garbage that comes out of the music industry that’s called “music”.

“Let’s not forget the amount of garbage that comes out of the music industry that’s called “music”.” So true! i miss the good “old” 80’s and 90’s when really good music was playing! :c

Bodygard, Hey, I bet you’re parents said the same thing when their music generation started fading. :B I agree with you, having grown up with the '80’s music and the early '90’s were quite good, then came the Seattle crap and everything went downhill and I started to sound like my parents. :B

The moronic music companies are too busy taking away a consumers rights to even bother making music that is even half passable. Looks like the current playstation generation will grow up on shithouse mp3 low bitrate metallic–sounding music and not have a clue what real music sounds like.

Music sounds better on vinyl anyways…:g

What a load of crap, go to your local Tesco or Asda and the music and video section is always heaving.

They’re just developing a strategy to dematerialize music sales. Put it together: no quality - high prices - video sales - web file sales. Why shall they put the blame on illegal downloads? To force DRMs…and move from disc sales to file sales…at the same price with no pressing/printing/distributing costs!!! Quality wise: no matter the decades you refer - the prob is: how many of the music produced during the last years will be used within 5 years time? Bet on it…most of them are just made according to marketing research, as are the groups, and “renewed” at fasr obsolescense cicles…

All the original music has been made… now everyone rehashes or remakes old stuff… artists last for a month or a few singles, then nobody cares anymore. We don’t see good bands that release a great album and continue to have staying power…

Is there ANY question why there are so many “oldies” radio stations on the air?

The music industry began to die when greedy companies did away with singles and tried to force the purchase of sub par material at an outrageous price. Instead of trying to sue everyone why not try re-releasing out of print cd’s at 9.00 or less and make a killing, jackleheads!:stuck_out_tongue:

Its been said, but there is no good music anymore, only a handful of music artists… Anyone listen to the radio? How many times to they replay a hot track nowadays? You used to wait forever to hear a replay of a hot track back in the 80’s and early 90’s… Theres nothing else to play cause theres nothing anyone wants to hear!

You guys must be listening to the wrong stations. I hear plenty of good music on non-commercial radio…

it’s tough in the US, when 90% of commercial radio stations are owned by one or two companies (e.g. Clear Channel)…they actually share playlists between most of their stations… the other options are satellite radio (no personal experience with it but have heard good things)…and streaming radio over the web (shoutcast, itunes, generic webstreams)… that being said, i hope the big5 RIAA associated labels die a quickly and painfully…having worked for them in the past (not internal work), i have first hand experience as to how clueless (and stubborn) they really are…
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Oh well, pay crap get crap!, what else do expext from the simplistic formula garbage that the big three serve up for modern music of this century Actually the time in the top 25 of the Billboard 200, tells us volumes about just how poor the modern new releases truly are, for 98% are here today and literally gone tomorrow, and where stupid, but extremely profitable ring tones sold to very lazy mobile phone users throughout the known world, routinely out sell no 1 hit songs by big margins! Oh well, that’s a half cents worth for now! , for choices in real life can be very cruel, for those that choose not to adapt to this modern changing world!:X

getting rid of hip hop would do the world a great service. that shit is nothing but no-talent thugs and hoes…:d