Retail Model of GWA4164B

I would like to know what is the retail model of LG DVD-Rewriter for the OEM version GWA4164B as I would like to flash my GWA4164B to the retail model but just concern if I used wrong firmware that would caused total lost of my GWA4164B. Please help.


The retail mode of the GWA-4164B is the GSA-4164B. Both drives have no lightscribe function and seem to have features that are identical. However, AFAIK, the GSA-4164B drive was never put on sale on its own. It has only been seen as the drive inside a GSA-2164D (external drive) when people opened up the external case of the drive. So no firmware is available for it.

It seems that the 4164B (not sure if GWA or GSA model though) can be crossflashed to the GSA-4166B, which will gain lightscribe functionality but I’m not sure :

I found some guy posted some of them won’t work, maybe just give it up. Anyhow Thanks a lot.

I’ve read somewhere that some people could not get lightscribe support to work after cross flashing to a 4166B. But to get lightscribe to work, you apparently need to install an extra piece of software called a lightscribe engine or something like that. If you don’t install that, even if your writer is lightscribe capable, Nero will claim otherwise. I cannot recall where I read that, but I am not really the expert on this.

Have a look at this thread :

italianjob who posts there is probably much better suited to answering your questions about cross flashing the GWA-4164.

Uninstall Nero and maybe clean the old installation if needed with the Nero clean tool. Reboot.

Crossflash to 4166 using fw 1.01, reboot, and install 4166 fw 1.02 :

Then install Nero with a valid retail licence (not an OEM licence) and after that install the LightScribe host engine :

You will get a new LightScribe icon !

PS : a little word from C. Campbell, Nero AG :
"There are three needed components to support LightScribe.

  1. A Recorder that supports LightScribe
  2. The LightScribe API
  3. A Nero Serial Key that enabled LightScribe.
    All Retail Serail Key’s enable LightScribe. Not all OEM Serial Keys enable LightScribe, and no Demo Serial Key enables LightScribe."

ItalianJob, your first link gives me only 404. :confused:

Works fine for me. Firewall/referrer logging issue?

Left click is needed… No right click.

FYI if you didn’t own a valid retail Nero 6 key, there’s a free alternative on the site to “print” LS label : Free “SureThing CD Labeler 4 SE”
Direct link :

Yep, damn http referrer. Thanks.

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Hi ItalianJob,

I tried to do all of the above, but when I try to install the LightScribe host engine, (LS_HSI.exe), I get an error “UPDATE_SHELL_COMMAND property must be set on the command line”, and it then closes, I don’t know if you would have any idea what this means, but any help would be appreciated!

Cheers Glyn

Got it installed now, “Winrar had unzipped it previously”, all the software seems to be running OK, but my 4166, (originally 4164), does not seem to recognise the discs are Lightscribe (HP) to label them (tried 5), burns them OK though!!


Just for information:

It worked like a charm with my GWA4164B.

Now it’s reported as GSA-4166B 1.02.

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