Retail MIJ Media in the United States

Is it all gone? Staples seems to have run out of Sony TYG03s, and MIJ 16D1s haven’t been seen in months. I’m hearing reports that Sears is starting to replace their Sony 8x T02s with 16x D21s. Fuji left us last year. TDK got knocked out a couple of years ago. Maxell RG04 was denied a passport, and couldn’t make the trip over here. The little brother RG03 still lives at Sears, but he’s got bonding problems and needs an operation.

Is this the end of retail MIJ in the states?

Rima, here we come…

I’ve been ordering from Rima for awhile now. I got tired of wasting gas and my time running around to stores only to find nada. I hate spending the extra $ on Rima but what’s a person to do anymore.

MCC004 Verbatims are my second choice but they are a crap shoot for PAPA’s


When it comes to Taiyo Yudens - I [I]only[/I] buy mine at Rima - and for all the reasons of the above two posters - and I think - in the long haul - that I [I]save[/I] money by doing so (time - gas - quality of discs, etc)-eh!

Yes it used to be easy. Wait for BB to have Fuji TY02’s on sale go grab a few 100 pks and i was happy but now heck with it. I go to Rima now and like you said saves gas,time etc…

no more retail brands that has TY. The only brand you can buy to get TY is TY itself. Sony 16X and any other retail brands are no longer using TY MID

Panasonic TYG02 is still out there, but only in jewel cases and fairly pricey, about $1/disc.

Stil possible to find here or there some Fuji, Maxell and Sony “Made In Japan”.

You can find it in Canada as well. :iagree: :iagree:

:cool: :cool:

Yes Negritude, I believe you are correct. The MIJ honeymoon is pretty much over. :sad:

I wouldn’t doubt that at some point in the not to distant future there’ll be a thread entitled “where has all of the quality MIT media gone” as all production will have been shifted to mainland china to cut costs. :Z

Yeah, implied in my despair is the concept of “reasonably priced.” If I have to go broke to get something, then it kind of loses it’s value, you know? The law of diminishing returns and all that jazz.

Yup, I concur with what has been said. Finding MIJ media in stores has become all but impossible. I went the rima route a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. It has saved me alot of money and hassle.

Or even more outsourcing to India.

Verbatim Super Azo CD-R (MIC and MIT) were both better than the MII Super Azo… :sad:

Here in Europe, we have generally had fewer brands with MIJ media (Sony = almost no MIJ), but there’s still Plextor media, and sometimes Maxell 16x MIJ shows up as well.
For 8x Taiyo Yuden media, we also have to use online shops though (unless we’re Greek)… :doh:

Don’t forget we have (almost “had” now) T03 TDK’s and T03/TYG03 Verbatims have become more widely available in retail in recent months (as well as Verb/TY CD-R). :slight_smile:

If you’re looking to painlessly stock up on TY media, I cannot think of any better place in the States than Rima/ACCA. They simply run a professional operation.

Still, I think it’s more fun to find camouflaged TY on the shelves somewhere at an extreme discount and make out like a bandit. However, NOT finding it on the shelves a few times in a row is a pain in the buttocks.

Yeah, for sure for TY media, although, I’m not happy with the recent quality of the T02 I’ve gotten. I used to burn that at 12X in my NEC 3500 all day long and get awesome scans. Now the stuff I’m getting has to be slowed to 8X to get anywhere NEAR the quality I got time and time again at 12X before.

This is my theory. TY has to keep up with the times. I’m kinda suprised that they’re still making CD-R’s in Japan. Factory floorspace is at a premium in Japan, and always will be, so they have to leave something behind to re-tool the same floorspace to do something else. It only makes sence to me that they have GOT to be tooling up to produce Bluray and HD DVD disks.

It’ll be interesting to see if my pet theory proves itself out.


JD’s theory may be correct but I have a much simpler take on the situation of declining MIJ retail availability in the US (I’m speaking to TY specifically). I think there is just as much TY media in the US as anytime in the past - just limited quantities of the retail variety. Sony and Fuji have settled on the reduced costs of other manufacturers products. I fully expect our European members to experience this soon as well. Just my two cents.

Consumers have to look at themselves inpart for this, as companies would continue to sell MIJ media if consumers were willing to pay, but they will not as they always choose cheaper options. I find comments like “You should never pay more than $15 for a 50-pack of single-layer media these days.” quite telling of the pricing mindset of consumers.

Japan is an expensive, developed country, manufacturing costs there are not cheap so if consumers want MIJ quality, they must be willing to pay for it, otherwise, eventually, [B]Doctor Morbius[/B] comments will come true, as Taiwan is hardly a cheap place to manufacture compared to India/China (and the main Taiwanese manufacturers made losses on their optical media businesses in 2004 & 2005, no idea about 2006 financial figures).

The good part of it is I do have enough MIJ (Sony, Fuji and Maxell) in my inventory that for the time being I do not have worry finding one,

Exactly! It’s like a fun little treasure hunt. :iagree:

This is very true. Unfortunately, most consumers are pretty much in the dark when it comes to the actual media ID’s and manufacturers that are behind the scenes of the brand names. The average Joe six pack just buys according to brand name, price and perceived value.

The knowledgeable consumers, such as the ones here at CD Freaks, represent a tiny minority of consumers. If it were up to us alone, then there probably wouldn’t be too much crappy media out there just because we know better. There are a few on here (self included) that will buy bargain stuff just to play around with but not to use for anything too serious.