Retail DW1640 firmware

i bought a BenQ DW1640 retail โ€œMade in Malaysia May2005โ€

My question: which firmware is better for my drive, the bulk (BSLB) or the retail (BSIB)?

I read many postings in the other threads but my english ist not so goot and i dont understand many of the other postings :confused:
Now i must go to work :Z and hope i find an answer for my question when i come home :slight_smile:
a nice day at all

Go for BSLB upgrade and rest assured. In my opion this version of BenQ 1640 f/W is flawless and trouble free When being united and integrated with BenQ QSuite tools 2.0.

Hi Sturmgewalt, there is no difference between a retail drive and an OEM driveโ€™s firmware. They are the same, there are no extra/advanced features. I would highly suggest upgrading to BSLB as that current DW1640 firmware is very good and reliable :wink:

Well put mate :slight_smile:

now i will flash BSLB.
thx for your answers