Retail DVDR1620K/00 in the UK

Hi guys,

I needed to upgrade from my Philips DVDRW228k, and was toying with the dual-layer Liteons - but in the end I decided I needed my Philips LEDs (the Liteons only use green for everything now - I don’t think so!), and now that the new Philips drives can do full quality scans with CD/DVD Speed, I’m set (well, apart from region free firmware, hopefully someone will manage to patch it soon).

Anyway, if anyone wants a true retail DVDR1620K/00 (DVDR1640p drive with LEDs, Nero 6 OEM suite software, 2 years warranty, 20% off Nero video plugin voucher), this one is a pretty good deal:

Simply Computers, £49.98inc

It’s not labelled right, but they did send me a 1620K/00. Better yet, they do free 3-day shipping this month (Dec), and the drive turned up the next day anyway : ).

For anyone on an old (Ricoh) Philips, the LEDs are similar, but have changed slightly - colours are the same, but the lense and lights are a little different. The drive tray on the new drive is also much smoother (the Ricohs just kind of spit them out unceremoniously). It’s also very quiet. Overall very happy with it.

Only problem (apart from region free firmware) is that EAC doesn’t work right with it. It extracts tracks OK, but very slowly (about 2x), and trying to detect sample offsets either causes an error, or locks the entire OS. I’ll mail the author - it looks like an app issue to me.

Anyway, hope this helps someone.


price has gone down to £46.99 inc vat now, free delivery