Retail CD-RW deals

This week there are:

40x12x48 Buslink @ CompUSA for $30 after rebates
40x12x48 Cendyne @ Staples for $30 after rebates

48x24x48 Memorex @ BestBuy for $50 after rebates
48x24x48 Memorex @ Staples for $50 after rebates

So before deciding which to buy, is it possbile to update the firmware to get 24x re-writing speed on the 40x12x48? Or is it a limitation of the actual hardware itself that only allow 12x re-writing?

Both the Buslink and Cendyne 401248 are most likely using a meidatek 5 chipset, and at this time cannot be flashed to 24x RW. As you probably know the Memorex 482428 is using the mediatek 6 chipset and can be flashed to 52x read/write speed.

Oh, it’s the chipset that defines that defines the maximum ratings of a cd-rw?

So if I had a cd-rw based on a LiteOn LTR-48126S, then I would be able to upgrade the firmware to 24x? If so, are there any cd-rw based on that model?

And, also is there a functional difference between the S/W models? I assume they both are the mediatek 5 chipsets.