Retail BenQ 1655 @ Geeks

Thanks, Dalen! I just ordered two. Couldn’t pass up the new/retail box condition.

My name is Some Random Guy, and I’m a BenQaholic.

Computer Geeks Discount Outlet and Evertek Computer Corporation are both subsidiaries of a company called Genica. So, they are all three one in the same.

I don’t know about 90 days warranty :confused:

Had to jump on this. Don’t know why, but did just the same. Thanks.

Well I hope you all used a coupon code at

Code: EDEALINFO which gives you 10% OFF the benq order.

Shop smart…

Where were you 4 hours ago :a :frowning:

Glad you got to use it?

To rolling56

Well I purchased 4 myself and during checkout I saw a field for entering coupon code. So I did a quick google and found a code that gave me 10%.

Well it saved the sales tax and almost free shipping.

Can I add an item to or remove an item from my order?
Can I change the shipping method for my order?
How can I cancel my order?

You may change or cancel your order if it has not been processed for shipment and sent to the warehouse. Once your order has been sent to the warehouse we cannot make any changes. To make changes to your order you may contact Customer Service at 760.726.7700.

Phones are staffed 7:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time Monday - Friday.

Call early and try to add the coupon. I’ll try.

I messed up on that deal. Hope the rest get on that deal :clap:

That’s what i’m going to do. They are on Cali time.

…shop S-Mart

Oh great, this had to happen after I buy 3x 50-packs of DL’s…well, I’m gonna get one anyway flash it to a 1650, oops, just bought 2, butterfingers me…:wink:

Well, time to ready up an explanation for my GF. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the code!

Seems they have a running coupon code with just about every bargains site.
DEALNEWS Not valid with AMEX or Discover
SHOPPINGBARGAIN Not valid with American Express
All valid codes. All 10% off.

Did anybody come up with a coupon or promo code for Evertek?

Thank you :bow: Dalen Quaice & pancake31 & rolling56
I finally order 5 right now total $220 with 3 day shiping
I’m retired hunting BenQ Drive Thank you Everybody :bigsmile:

Enjoy your retirement. Happy burning.

I’m so glad I have two Sony DW1650s as backup. I can wait to pounce on an I/O Magic DW1655 the next time they go on sale at Staples.

I’d be skeptical this may be refurbished although it doesn’t say it is, but I don’t see where it says new either even though it says retail box. Notice warranty is only 90 days which is common for refurbs while it’s normally a year on new drives.

i don’t think it’s refurb, well the only way to know is to check out the box, geek refurb stuff has beat up box, the new stuff has new box.

Under condition it says new.

They still 230 units left. I’d be skeptical about 230 new units (or 256 or whatever the case may have been yesterday) of a discontinued model suddenly arriving at once. Unless maybe they got them all from Singapore or some country that still sells new retail units out the wazoo and can’t seem to get rid of them.

geeks get their stuff from oversea, it’s not surprising, some of their stuff is like super cheap.

Benq drives (1640/165X) have been available here in Egypt for sometime now and they are very cheap (~30$) with new production dates (mid 2006 compared to 2005 dates for the last ones in USA) , so maybe they got a new shipment from overseas