Retail BenQ 1655 @ Geeks

For anyone looking for the BenQ 1655, the retail model is currently in stock at Geeks:

It will be sold out shortly, so hurry if you want one!

Damn i want another 1640 but oh well i got one more of these coming :bigsmile:

Thank you Dalen :clap:

In for one, thanks OP! Finally got one after months of trying!

I was tempted to buy 2 or 3, but want to spread the BENQ love around…

Wow it’s NEW this time!!

Damn I can’t get one this time around :frowning:

Thanks i got another.

I put 20 in cart (after i ordered) and it took it so i guess there’s plenty left.

someone please :bow: how much they charge shipping cost

I paid $7 usd for the cheapest to me.

I am going to regret not getting another one of these for a backup, rolling56 you can give me the “I told you so” talk then hehehe

you mean each one $7 is it right
and other place BenQ Drive

I try to order 10 :bigsmile:

Yes $7 for the one (1) i ordered.

lol i told you so :bigsmile:

My 1st one i ordered from them was a “Pull” and this one will be a new box retail :iagree: although the same burner.

Thank you :bow: :bow: :bow:
It’s Beautiful day today :bigsmile:

Hahaha and please do it again when I post my 1655 has died :doh:

But I only use it for scanning now so who knows how long it will last :wink:

Thanks a lot man, I’ve been trying to get another 1655 for a while now… :cool:

I use my 1655 for reading and scanning. It’s still a good burner though for the Rima TY02’s i use mainly.

Alrighty Tom glad you got in on this :clap:

I’m glad this one is black. My other one was beige and had to switch face plates with my 1640. Now i can switch back for my new build :clap: Trying to keep all my drives face plates black for new case and this will finish it up :slight_smile:

Looks like for me shipping is $10.00 for ground for up to 8 units.

I would probably order eight units if it was not taxable. I live in CA

Thank you Dalen! Just order one.

221 available at Evertek and 256 at Geeks :clap:

But why warranty is only 90 days ? :confused: