Retail BenQ 1620 and 1640 on sale @ Microcenter No Rebate Hassle

Retail BenQ 1620 for $39.99 no Rebate
Retail BenQ 1640 for $59.99 no Rebate, newegg, if they have the retail version, it should be cheaper, but it is easier to return at Microcenter if you get a defective one.

Wow went to Microcenter and the 1640 is 39.99!!! Only had beige but so what, that cheap as hell for the 1640 retail. Grabbed one…sweet deal.

are you sure that it is a 1640 not 1620? I was there yesterday and the 1620 is for $39.99, the 1640 is $59.99. Can you scan the receipt?


The retail box says 1640. The sticker on the drive the back of the drive says:

Model: DW1640
No.: OC8
Manufactured: May 2005.

So it the BenQ1640. Stop by MicroCenter again dude. You will pleasantly surprised. I too thought it was 59.99. Went to the cash register and the price rung up 39.99.

EDIT: Ok just plugged it into my comp. Comes up as BenQ 1640. There you have it fellas. $40 bucks gets u a BenQ1640 Retail version!!!

Unless I missed something the 1640 is $59.99 I just tried, at checkout it was 59.99 + shipping.

It’s probably in store only. I was there on Sunday and picked up a black 1620 for $40 (online price is $60). Didn’t see the 1640. Microcenter is having a back 2 school sale 8/7 - 8/13