Resynch Audio in .divx/.avi Video File

Hi there. I’m a newbie here, and you can probably see.
After alot of tinkering, I’ve finally created a working .divx or .avi about 56 minutes long. Unfortunately, the audio is out-of-synch by around 1 second.
The audio is around one second faster than the video. (Gradually getting worse throughout the file.)
I don’t want to burn back to a disc, I have wised to have a DivX copy (.avi) of something I recorded from my TV’s HDD unit on my computer. I dubbed to DVD, got the .vob files onto my computer, then let the DivX converter do the rest. I still need to resynch the Audio, relatively quickly, and so it won’t get out of synch again, hopefully without making a huge mess.

Just use VirtualDub to fix it.