Resurect Philips dvdr3455/37h install new hard drive

Great news, I’ve got it to work with three different hard drives. It is the hard drive which failed on my dvdr. I tried it with a 6 gig drive first. I just took a drive out of a pc computer and put it in and run the firmware disk. it formatted the drive and booted up!!! I then tried it with the original drive still dead. In fact I did not hear the seek of the head just the disk spin up. So I grabbed a 10 gig out of a laptop and it too booted up, so I then took a 40gig out of a working pc. Again My screen opens up and the tuner starts. My blank blue “cloth screen” is gone, I am up and running. Strangely the 40 gig drive reports as a 68 gig drive. Not sure why. But I have searched these forums for a year straight trying to find a way to keep the unit going. Yea sure, philips wanted 425.00 to repair a 397.00 machine. Just as well go back to walmart and buy a brand new on as apposed to getting a repaired used one back. But I love my baby and it is back. This also cured the bad burning of the dvd’s. My assumption the hard drive was failing, and it was causing a buffer underrun on the burner.

Again, this was a philips dvdr3455/37H dvd burner with a 160 gig hard drive.