Resume burning at any later time


How can I eject a DVD+R in the middle of burning and continue later?


It wont work.

And I don´t see a meaning

Only Multisession allow you a continue, but you can´t burn half a file and burn other half file later


Theoretically, it should be possible with any disc drive that supports buffer underrun protection.


In theory yes

But I don´t know an OS which support half files; if you stop a copy/move the file will not bei stay, it will be erased. Maybe the checksum is one reason.

Some tools like Teracopy make a stop during a filecopy and later continue on HDD/SSD/Flash possible, but it´s hard for me to see a meaning of this.

Except you want to shutdown the PC and have almost copied a 120GB-file to a flashdrive which have a writespeed of 4,5MB/s :bigsmile: