Results with BlindRead/Write

… version 4.2.1 and LTR-24102B …

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No One Lives Forever, done this the other day and worked…

Empire Earth: Art Of Conquest, done this today, took 2 goes to get it to work… :confused:

Both games I created my own BWA file…

1st time I noticed that after writing that there were 1190 Dual sectors added to recreate lower sector densities. I used the same settings for the both games so I couldn’t understand why EE:AoC failed to work. Instantly failed verification.

Being that I run 2 HDD’s with 1 XP Pro and the other 98SE I could try again, installed BlindWrite Suite onto the XP system, recreated another BWA file then wrote. Something different, the CD Occupation was higher then last time, 33.39% this time while it was only 29.??% last time. After writing I seen something else, there was 1309 Dual sectors added to recreate lower sector densities. I wrote to a CDRW to test. Wrote again to a CDR and the CD Occupation had changed again, now it was down to 31.17%… :confused:

Ok, I run newest ASPI on XP but stuck with default on 98SE. I wrote in DAO PW mode at 4X speed. A BlindWrite error or difference in ASPI layers, don’t know. But if it was the difference in ASPI layers then NOLF2 would not have worked either…

Just thought I would pass this information along, very strange that 1 game worked while the other didn’t… :slight_smile:

Are you saying that it was only with xp that you could get copies of both games to work whilst a copy of Empire Earth: Art of Conquest made under 98 failed?

So far that’s correct … :slight_smile:

More info, just swapped over to the HDD with 98SE and found that the backup on CDR didn’t work, fails verification instantly. But the backup on CDRW works fine. I updated ASPI layers to see if that made any difference, deleted the registry keys for securom then rebooted. It made no difference of course, so I tried something else. Deleted the securom registry keys then started the game with the backup on CDRW, it failed. I restarted the game by the desktop short-cut and it worked again. Checked out the registry the first keys were different, I then tried the CDR to find that now it actually works. I have noticed that there’s another registry key been added “SecData2” is now present, whether or not this means anything I don’t know yet, but i’m still working on it… :slight_smile: :wink:

Edit: My spelling is bad… :slight_smile:

Hmmm, well I’m not wholly surprised since I haven’t been able to copy EE: AoC successfully with blindwrite on my win98se system either.

I can and have done so with blackcheck’s twinpeak tool so I suppose that this is just another example of blindwrite not working very well on my system. :frowning:

After messing around all day, playing with different things I have found it’s very touchy. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t, EE: AoC might work first go but then it might take 3 or 4 tries under win98se. Winxp though, works first go everytime … :confused: