Results of Multiformat at 128kbps public audio Listening Test

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 Since Roberto's last multi-codec listening  test, there has been significant work involved with LAME and Vorbis  codec's.  Not much has changed with iTunes codec however and the Atrac3 ...
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How about some VBR tests! Ogg ownz you!

Good result for Ogg Vorbis, yes. Let’s hope Xiph wake up and update their official encoders. But Ogg Vorbis didn’t win alone. Statistically it tied with Musepack (also an open source & patent free format), considered by many as the best lossy audio encoder at medium/high bitrates. Check for more details. cya

Goes to show how well MPC was originally tuned. Pity work on appears to have been discontinued February last year. offters all the latest binaries of MPC, LAME, Vorbis (and some branches), AAC and so on. :slight_smile: Even 7-Zip which is an open source file compressor gives the best compression I know of for archiving files. It even beats Winzip for creating legacy Zip files; although a little slower at compression. :X

development is continuing again now o/

hmm, clipped my leading backslash on that :confused:

m0rbidini & seanbyrne, thx for the links. Checking out those.