Results of Fuji TY vs. TY

Well, i finally got my BenQ 1620 producing awesome burns in it’s Plumax external enclosure. The discs were burned at 12X using firewire, burned with Decryptor. The first disc is the Fuji T02 and the 2nd is the T02. Not sure what was going on with the Fuji disc…860 PO Failures. Looks like my Rima media is better than my latest spindle of Fuji :slight_smile:

Well, i rescanned the Fuji disc because i knew there wan’t any way i coulda had that many PO Failures. This is a little better:

Seems that your Fuji TY got the 2GB syndrome :smiley:
I also got this one and sometime small spikes @4gb toward the end.
Anyway, both are perfect burns in my book.

Thanks Zevia. I agree, they are both definately acceptable. So the spikes at the 2GB mark are the result of the only the media and nothing else?

Oh well, i really can’t complain. I’m finally getting excellent burns in my external enclosure :slight_smile:


My guess would be thet Rima is known for supplying only “A” Grade TY medias - and looks like Fuji may be using a lower grade TY - IMO


Others have discussed before that there is no such thing as “lower grade” Taiyo Yuden.
The end result of lower disc quality may be due to Fujifilms’ shipping / storage / handling methods of the discs.

Yea, i’m definately not jumping to any conclusions on which is better and why, i just posted my actual results :slight_smile: The media just produced a little better scan :iagree:

Either way, i’m not gonna complain about either

I have been using Fuji TY02 for months now(purchased a bunch of it), and have had nothing but perfect scans until just recently. I have a few Fuji (25)Spindles that have problems and I’ve actually had a couple discs out of a (100)Spindle do the same thing. The problems are either at the 4GB mark or at the end of the disc.

I just had a (50)Spindle of Printable TY delivered from RIMA, and not only do they not have the problem, they consistantly score a little better than the Fuji TY.

Don’t get me wrong, whether it be Fuji TY02 or TY TY02:D, this is good media. But is it just me, or do you all think that TY02 isn’t as good of quality as the TY01 was?

Yo Hitman-

Congrads Bra - bought from Rima instead of Meritline - good move-

And wesociety-

If you want to believe that TY includes QC’ed marginally acceptable batches of discs in their “A” grade media - or throws them away (?) then - I guess that you have a right to your opinion - but - WHY would they do that?

I prefer to think that they probably sell them off to other brand names - which is a common practice in the entire computer hardware/media world-


I had bought a couple of TY02 and TY01 +R disks from - and burnt them
using DVDshrink/Nero on my Sony DRU 700A at 2x speeds. I found that both TY01 results were better than both TY02. both were acceptable… TY02 PI max was around 30 or so… and TY01 PI max was around 10 or so.

While I’m not sure that is the case, I definitely have to agree that there is something screwy going on with the FUJI TY’s. Read my post in the Bargains forum. I have NEVER recieved a single bad disc in the multiple spindles that I have ordered from or (either Ritek or Taiyo Yuden). On the other hand, I picked up 3 spindles of the MIJ Fujis and EVERY SINGLE ONE HAD DISCS WITH SPOTTING IN THE DYE!!! I can understand having a batch every now and then with a few discs that have spotting but 3 spindles in a row? One spindles turned out okay after the first 6-7 discs but with the other two, there was still some faint spotting 10-15 discs into the pack. I returned them the next day and ordered from rima again. I might give the Maxell special a shot but I think for the most part I am going to stick to ordering from again. All I have gotten from store media is defective batches and a bunch of wasted gas in trips. may be more expensive than the special offers but they always deliver a quality product or move mountains to make it right. Best Buy on the other hand throws their rejects back on the shelf as open items (I watched them do it on my defective discs yesterday).

Only Taiyo Yuden knows for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jesterrace, I guess this “spotting” is something that’s easy to notice? Since reading your post, I’ve been going thru burned discs starting from my very first batch of Fuji TY02, and I haven’t noticed anything on mine. I just want to make sure mine don’t have this, because what I have on them is important. But would I get scans like thisor this, if this were bad media?

BTW, ALL of the spindles that I have opened, and the spindles that I haven’t opened, all were or are factory sealed.

Yeah, the spotting is pretty easy to notice. Even my girl who doesn’t know much about media was able to spot them. In fact, she was the one who pointed them out to me. When she told me, I was just like “oh shit, not again” (I once ordered a batch of Riteks from allmediaoutlet and the first disc in the batch had spotting and it was a disaster for playback). Anyways, I then checked my discs and sure enough, the spotting phenomenon went right on down through both of my spindles as well. BTW, it should be noted that mine were in fact TYG02 and not TY02. I know they are official TY discs since Fuji is well known for using TY to manufacture it’s media. Anyways, these discs were brand new and sealed, with none of the signs that they were previously returned (TY Spindle, Sealed in Plastic, no notice or funky UPC stuck on top). I wasn’t saying all Fuji TY’s are bogus, I’m just saying it seriously makes me wonder about their handling, storage, ect. if I am getting 3 bad spindles of TY made media in a row. I will still purchase Fuji labeled TY CD-Rs but I won’t be touching any Fuji DVD Media for a LONG time.