Results - new benw1620 - please help - what do they mean?



what does it all mean? this is the first backup i made.
should i keep this benq1620 burner?




Yes the most important number to pay attention of is the “Quality Score” in the lower right. Yours is a 95%, so it’s very very good (like an A-). It’s a keeper. The 2nd most important number is the maximum PI Failure (PIF) score (yours is a 9) and thirdly the number of PIFs. But simply follow the quality score and try and keep it above 90% which shouldn’t be a problem with the BenQ.


Its not a bad scan. Your quality score dropped a bit because of the spikes in PI Failures near the end, but its not terrible. What speed did you record this disk? If you recorded at 16x, then these results aren’t all that unusual. What you’re seeing here is a little worse than my typical burns with TY02 at 8x or 12x.

I tend to pay more attention to the max PIF and total PIF score rather than the Quality Score, which can be skewed by single spikes in either the PIF or PIE graph.


Good point, one single spike could skew the quality score.


i am new to all this. i used decrypter and shrink to record this. this was a 3 hour movie and i recorded all of it. i have no clue at what speed i recorded this. i don’t even know how to set the benq 1620 to record at a certain speed. can anyone help me.?
i have xcopyxpress and i tried using it but it gave an error message, so i used decrypter and shrink.


In DVD Decrptyer in the Mode you probably selected the ISO Write mode. in the lower right is the speed, it defaults to Max. You could set it to 8x or 12x instead of Max.


thats right. i did it at max. so is this a good result?
should i keep this benq 1620?
also how do i change booktype?
anyone knows how to set speed on xcopyxpress?


First off it defaults to DVD-ROM for + so unless you’re having problems you should leave it alone, but you can use DVdInfoPro or CD Speed or the Booktype mgmt tool from BenQ to change the booktype. Also DVD Shrink is in my opinion, and probably most others, superior to shrinking a movie esp with Deep Analysis & AES selected. Much better then Xcopyexpress. Maybe the best is DVD Rebuilder, but it takes 3-4 hours to shrink a movie and it’s a little difficult to set up, but it is free. Yes you’re BenQ is a keeper.