Results DVR-108 and Newegg Fugi 8x +R

I just got my Pioneer DVR-108 today along with some fugi 8x +R 100 pack
They are definately YUDEN000 T02. I flashed the 108 from the stock 1.10 firmware to the Pioneer 1.14 rebooted and inserted a disk. Sure enough it had speeds unlocked up to 16x so i preceeded to load up a previously ripped DVD and burn it. Burned with no problems in 6.59 from start to done. I used Nero to verify and played it in my very picky standalone. With no issues. Now i dont have all the programs you guys have to verify data burn quality as i am a newbie but i thought you might could use the info regardless. BTW worked flawless at 16x in my NEC 3500 as well although burn time was 7.21 with it. I noticed it seem to take a little longer to actually get going but the buffer never moved of 95% on the NEC.


Thanks for the info.
I also just ordered a 108 from newegg, but since I ordered before your post I picked up the TY 50pk of 8x DVD-R spindle.
Hopefully I will not have any issues with these as well since they are true TY dvds.
these are the ones I ordered: