Results & Discussion: PIONEER DVR-217/D/F/VXL, S17/S17J

There is no technical problem of Pioneer DVR-217BK \ J-BK crossflash to other models of PIoneer DVR-S17 \ S17J.
Maybe you use the wrong command? What error shows DVRTool?

I have only the Pioneer DVR-217J-BK fw.1.08 firmware and kernel which has MCSE support.

Thank you very much, czary2mary1, especially for the screenshots. Good to see that blackened2687’s secret DVRTool version 1.0298 is still running. Looking forward to an official release.

Can’t tell you exactly what went wrong before but the next attempt was successfull. I dumped kernel and firmware from my already MCSE-patched 217L and crossflashed with them my 217BK to 217L. Command line: DVRTOOL -ff DRIVELETTER: S0416430.110 S0416431.110

Firmware 1.10 for 217L is supported by MCSE (file: S0416431.110). So my 217 is now running with patched 1.10 (read speed increase, RPC1 patch, enabled bitsetting).

Thanks again & please keep up the good work!


Can you send a copy of the kernel and firmware Pioneer DVR-217 BK fw.1.10 - S0016000.110 and S0016001.110?


Here they are:




Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Not so good

Old media