Results/Discussion: Pioneer BDR-S11J, BDR-S11J-X


Drive: S11J
Firmware: 1.50
Burn Speed: 6x ZCLV


Z-CLV? I´m surprised


Me, too. I’d assume it’s rather P-CAV, like it is with CMC and Panasonic media on the “older” writers.


Don´t have the S11, but I´m sure my 208D/209D/E use P-CAV.

My Panasonic Slimdrives have on some media Z-CLV, but on other CAV and P-CAV


I don’t have a 211 yet either, but all previous writers had (P-)CAV as write strategy for this media for any speed above 2x, so I doubt the 211 has Z-CLV, also the media list confirms this, 4x to 12x and 16x all listed as CAV.


Which media is listed for 16x?


SONY NN3 (basically unavailable, Sony replaced with RiCrap RITEK BR3)
RITEK BR4 (I’ve yet to see this at all! Where is it!?)


VERBATIMe: Hard to get (IIRC the 6x-media with MABL-logo?)
SONY NN3: Almost impossible to get in shops
RITEK BR4: Also never see it, like many Ritek DVD-MIDs I saw in different FWs


VERBATIMe shouldn’t be that diffictult to get, the 10 pack/spindle #43742 should be that media (it has the MABL logo, and the price is about twice of the Verbatim-CMC media).


I don´t trust the shops ^^

And I don´t know which is the result of 16x burning


These are VERBATIMe

Burning with 16x isn’t a good idea

Lower speeds result in very good burns