Results/Discussion: Pioneer BDR-S11J, BDR-S11J-X


Maxell Music Printable CD-R AUDIO 97m17s09f MBI
Pioneer BDR-S11JX fw.1.02
ImgBurn x4


Verbatim Mini BD-RE 7.5GB MKM Japan MID :VERBATIM0 Made in Japan
Pioneer BDR-S11JX fw.1.02
ImgBurn2.5.8.0 x2


Anyone able to test CMCMAGBA5 and/or Panasonic MEIT02 & MEIRA1 with this drive?



For now, we only managed to test such media: We have travels all the time away from home and no time for more tests.

Sony 2x BD-R MID:SONYNO1 x2
Panasonic 2x BD-R MID:MEIT01 x2
Value Disc 6x BD-R MID: CMCMAG-BA5 x2
RiData 6x BD-R MID:RITEK-BR3 x2
RiData 4x BD-R MID:RITEK-BR2 x4
PlexDisc 6x BD-R MID:OTCBDR002 x4
Verbatim BD-R 25GB x6 Printable CMC Magnetic MID:CMCMAGBA5 x4
Philips 4x BD-R MID:CMCMAGBA3 x6
RiData 4x BD-R MID:RITEK-BR2 x6
Kodak 6x BD-R BD-R MID:UMEBDR016 8
DigiStor 6x BD-R MID:MEIRA1 x10
DigiStor 6x BD-R MID:MEIRA1 x12
RiData Gold Series 4x BD-R (LTH) MID: RITEK-BO1 x4
Panasonic 6x BD-R DL MID: MEIRB1 x14


TDK CD-R x52 Mettalic ATIP -97m15s05f TDK - Luksemburg
Pioneer BDR-S11J-X fw.1.02
ImgBurn x4


I just arrived a Pioneer BDR-S11J-X (Label Product :May 2017) :blush: , and from Japanese Pioneer site I downloaded a BD utility for this drive…but I have some questions about this…

For ripping and burning CD-audio actually there are some software that support the PureRead4+ tecnology ???
and what is the best setting for BD media ??


Not which programs work with PureRead 4.
Not all SATA controllers work properly with this new drive with the latest SATA 3 controller. You need to find a program that works properly on your hardware.

The best BluRay discs definitely from Panasonic \ MEI


Sony CD-R x48 ATIP -97m24s16f Sony-brand MBI India
Pioneer BDR-S11J-X fw.1.02
ImgBurn x16


Thanks a lot! Looks good for the media I usually use (Panasonic & CMC Verbatims). Now if I could buy that drive somewhere here in Germany I’d be happy, d’oh!


RiData Gold Series 4x BD-R (LTH) MID: RITEK-BO1 x4

It works?

I have some Ridata BD-R 4x LTH Printable with this code and Pioneer 208D/209D, LG B10LS30 / 16NS40 and iHBS 112 produce only coasters, all stopps in less than 30s @ burning


@jadburner recorded on Pioneer BD-R S11J x2\4 and BDR-209D x4


Strange, my media is maybe defective.


I do not have this LTH carrier from Ritek to check it out.

But I see that @jadburner also recorded it without problems on VinPower LG WH16NS58DUP


I will someday try it again with my BDR-206, but i´m hopeless to burn one of this media. I think I tried also my Panasonic UJ272, every try with this media failed at Lead in


Burner: BDR-S11J-BK
Firmware: 1.50
Media: Verbatim 97339 DataLifePlus 6x BD-R white inkjet hub printable (MIT)
Stamper Code: ZE4635-MK-BX6A031
Hub Serial: BRF662QK20030911 9 RB R2
Burn Speed: 4x (16x selected)
Burning Software: ImgBurn

Disc manufactured November 20th, 2012 by CMC Magnetics. First burn with this drive. It took me several burns like this to realize I needed to open the BD Drive Utility and enable High Speed Recording if I wanted anything faster :expressionless:


An OPC-prob? It started with 5,12x and shift down at 1,5GB, in the scan there´s high jitter til the 1,5GB-mark


Burner: BDR-S11J-BK
Firmware: 1.50
Media: Optical Quantum QQBDRDL06WIPH-50 6x BD-R DL white inkjet hub printable (MIT)
Stamper Code L0: RBD06DR-D10B-L0-01
Stamper Code L1: RBD06DR-D10B-L1-01
Hub Serial: LEB01123DLBD036X14112310A
Burn Speed: 6x(8x selected)
Burning Software: ImgBurn

Disc manufactured November 23rd, 2010 by Ritek Corporation.


I noticed that my Pioneer BDR-S11JX SATA 3 fw.1.02 has problems with correct cooperation with many SATA 2 controllers and SATA \ USB converters.
I have not checked the new 1.50 firmware yet



Burner: BDR-S11J-BK
Firmware: 1.50
Media: Sony 6x BD-R branded (MIT)
Stamper Code: RBD6R027 M4K3
Hub Serial: LFB00600DE3026X15111018A
Burn Speed: 8x (12x selected)
Burning Software: ImgBurn

Manufactured June 2010 by Ritek Corporation.


Burner: BDR-S11J-BK
Firmware: 1.50
Media: MnDA Disc 6x BD-R DL white inkjet hub printable (MIC)
Stamper Code L0: CMD0BR6-PA4
Stamper Code L0: CMDBR6L1 PA4 L1114-04 02C1 032A
Hub Serial: DBRF606QL02075514 AB52B L1
Burn Speed: 8x
Burning Software: ImgBurn

Disc manufactured December 2nd, 2012 by CMC Magnetics.