Results/Discussion: LG WH16NS58DUP (SVC. Code NS58, 2016+)


Did anybody successfully cross-flash a stock NS50/51/55/58 LG drive to the scanning DUP/DQ firmware?

My friend’s VinPOwer WH16NS48DQ just broke down and it’s too expensive to ship it back to Japan for warranty repair (both 48DQ drives I bought were bough from Japan).

So I’m on the lookout for a a BD-R 50GB/100GB quality scanning drive that could replace the broken one.

Any ideas? Sources? Shops? Drive models?

VinPower Europe doesn’t even answer my questions - so much for after sales support :slight_smile:


Nobody cross-flashed?

Any sources to buy WH16NS58DUP within EU?


Crossflash hardware SVC: NS50 \ 51 \ 55 \ 58 has been around for a long time

VinPower LG WH16NS58 is now available for authorized VinPower representatives in Europe

LG drives clarification

Thank you! To simplify my question, can you answer:

If I buy LG BH16NS55 can cross-flash it to WH16NS58DUP ?

Thank you. Does anybody know if that for sale unit:

1. Has the firmware for quality scanning enabled? (there were WinPower DUP units with quality scanning NOT enabled in firmware)
2. Does it come with the latest VinPower tools for scanning?

I really need both of those.

I’ve tried contacting VinPower (I’ve bought two of their drives), but they don’t even bother to answer me… so much for support.

Thanks for any additional help, your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Crossflash LG BH16NS55 SVC NS50 \ 55 is VinPower WH16NS58DUP \ DQ

It should not be a problem - if the 1.00 \ 1.01 \ 1.02 firmware is enough, the unlocked LG flasher

If the 1.03 firmware is the only one we can do it with a modernized version of DosFlash V.2.0

Certainly the drives are without any software, from what I know, they test all versions of VinPower WH16NS58 discquality, but I will try to check it out in VinPower.
It will take some time because you know how to contact them …

The rest I answered your PW in response.



I have a few of these drives. I noticed that Disc Quality scans of CDs yield erroneous results. DVD scans work fine. Same applies to WH16NS40 cross-flashed to the 58 1V5 firmware.


These constructions do not allow disc-quality tests for CD-R \ CD-RW




Yes, mine is WH16NS58DUP SVC Code:58

I have changed its firmware into 1.01 , 1.V1 1.V2 according to your method , but it still can’t use plextool and optidrivecontrol 1.70 to make bluray disk quality test.

Thanks you a lot,anyway.
It`s really cool.



Is there a date noted for the drive firmware??


Tried to buy some of these discs, but got the info that TDK (china) has stopped their production.


Nope @@