Results & Discussion: Asus 22B2ST patched firmware



Here is the transfer rate test of the movie iron man and one verbatim +R DL 8x

Test firmware that is was uses is ASUS.DRW-22B2ST.1.00.patched-fr-dl16-eos-scr


Thanks vroom. The DL16 patch will stay in the public release. :slight_smile:


Intenso +R 16x @ 16x


Memory +R 16x @ 16x


TDK (made in UAE) +R 16x @ 16x


JVC +R 16x @ 22x


JVC +R 16x @ 16x


JVC +R 16x @ 12x


JVC +R 16x @ 8x


Intenso +R 16x @ 12x


Intenso +R 16x @ 8x


JVC +R 16x @ 18x


Thanks again, vroom. Some nice results. :iagree:

So it’s good to release?


Yes it’s ok to release it, and so far i didn’t came across any problems when burning or reading cd/dvd’s.


Thanks vroom. Patched firmware posted here:


Well i tried to over speed one intenso 16x @ 18x (smart burn was off) and the result was an unreadable disc, i will try to over speed another dvd, this time an TY or Mcc to see what happens.


TY +R 8x @ 12x smart burn [B]off[/B] this looks nice.


Intenso +R 16x @ 12x
4 dvd’s all of them have perfect TRT up to 18x


JVC +R 16x @ 8x all discs have perfect TRT up to 18x


JVC +R 16x @ 16x
Perfect TRT up to 18x