Resultant XviD is a bit jerky when camera pans

After converting a few DVD’s to XviD format using AutoGK, I have been impressed with the ease of AutoGK and the results. One slight problem I’ve noticed though is that the movie can become a bit jerky on some of the XviD’s when the camera is panned across the scene. I’m thinking that it might be to do with different frame rates from the source and destination, which results in either some frames being dropped or some being added to the resultant XviD.

Any idea how I can make this jerky problem go away, or is it just an artifact of converting some DVD’s (hence it cannot be removed) ?

XviD is decompressed by your CPU so sometimes you’ll get somewhat jerky movement. Mpeg2 decompression is handled by your graphics card so is therefore smoother. I don’t own a fancy PCI-E graphics card so I don’t know if the latest ones natively decode XviD.

Different frame-rates wouldn’t make a difference if you’re converting [assumed] NTSC mpeg2 (29.97fps) to XviD because the resulting 23.976 fps is in progressive format. Progressive material is displayed one whole frame at a time, meanwhile interlaced material is displayed at half-frame(field) steps.