Result scan of verbatim on NEC 3520A, and question about fw



is this burn (burnt @ X8) considered good? even if its only 1/4 of the dvd?

as you can see i’m still using original fw 3.04, should updating to another fw improve the quality of my burns? (im not talking about bitsetting and other features, just about the quality i.e lesser pi/po errors)

the media is VERBATIM DataLifePlus (certified X8)


It looks reasonable, but you can really only tell with a full burn. If you don’t need a modified firmware, you can find NEC 3.05 firmware on NEC’s website.


will updaing my fw to the latest modified fw (2.u2) improve the burn quality? i.e will result in lesser pi/po errors? (i’m gonna keep using those VERBATIM which are MCC and possibly TYG 02 or 03)


The only way to tell is to flash the drive and burn a disc and check the result. Verbatim media is made in many locations and they are all slightly different. Basically you have to try it for yourself, then use the firmware that burns your media with the best quality.


well here’s a scan of a full burn @ X8 - is it considered a good burn or an “ok” burn? (ECC is 8.00)

whats weird is that the scan begins with higher error rate, and after the PIF spike at about 0.8gb the errors decrease and rise again towards the end.

is there an explanation for this?
any tips to improve the write quality?


Some 8X media doesn’t like to be burned slower. An 8X burn starts at 4X. and that is where the PIE is higher in your graph. Its still quite a good burn though. Try one at 12X and see if the burn quality improves. A 12X burn will start as 6X.


here’s the new scan @ X12
just as you suggested, the burn quality seems better

the ones i burnt so far were -R, should +R (also certified X8, from same brand) give same results or better?

should i try the Verbatim DataLifePlus X16 (+R or -R) or stay with the X8 ?

overall, is this burn quality sufficient? or should i try other ways to improve it, like trying other (faster?) media, or updaing to modified firmware?


here’s a burn of the same brand (Verbatim DataLifePlus), but +R (MCC 03)
certified X8, burnt X8

the PI Errors are less now, but PI Failures are about twice the amount i got on the -R

which of the previous 2 scans is considered better? and therefore, which (+R or -R) should i continue using according to those scans?


I would have to say the +R, but having said that the -R was burned faster. :slight_smile: both are well within spec.