Restricting DVDs with area code illegal?

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Zyron used our newssubmit to tell us:

REGIONAL restrictions on DVDs could be an anti-competitive practice and a breach of the Trade Practices Act, the Australian Competition and Consumer…

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This restriction on DVD is also know as planned economics… When deciding upon the regions, they even wanted to slice Europe into 3 pieces (East, south and north/west). So DVD would be much cheaper i.e. Poland and CZ, but the neighbours in Germany would have 2 pay twice or more for the SAME DVD, just because their income i much higher… The sole purpose of regions is NOT to protect cinemas, but to rip people of, as much as possible… And yes - it is actually illegal - it goes againt the pricipels of free trade. I know that in some European countries, dealers have been trying to scare costumers, who wanted a region free player into believer is was very very much illegal to crack the code and to import,sell and own ohter region DVDs(this is really sick…). - Probably backed by Sony (Sony owns Columbia Tri Star and ohter studios), who of cause have a major economical interest in people only buying their own region. But Sony know some dealer are suppplying codefree players and have treatened that they “might” not be able to supply players to them, unless their stop selling codefree players… Sony has also been trying to make small changes in the new generation DVDplayers, even within the same model, so that it would become very difficult to make a standard crack… in 2 words - FUCK SONY!