Restoring FLV File To Normal Size When Converting To AVI

I was on youtube not to long ago and came across a documentary split in 4 parts. I used my program to download all 4 videos and converted them to AVI. At 320x240 the video look great, and ok when I maximized the media player. I then burned them to DVD. But the video quality was extremely bad, I could barely see the face of the people in the video.

My question is: is there a program or a way to convert the FLV to AVI, while making the video the same quality and size as the original video that the person uploaded to the website?

Short answer is “no”.

YouTube videos are horribly compressed and reduced in size. Converting them to DVD-Video will always look bad. You’re going from 240 to 480, PLUS going from a very low bit rate to a higher one.

The best conversion tool I’ve seen in action is the online converter at , which is free.

I tried that site a few times but it never worked. I put the FLV in the bar and hit start, but after 20 minutes I gave up. I did it a few more times but still nothing happened.