Restoring Data off a buggered cd rw copy

Basically i used Nero to burn a RW of all my important files, which it said it had completed.

Stupidly i never checked the cd afterwards then wiped the HDD, only to find the cdrw doesnt work, altho it says the disc has 600mb or so of info on it, but windows only picks it up as one
68 min audio track :frowning:

Is there any program i can use that will either re-write the staring sectors of the disc so it will display the files or that will extract the track and allow me to get my info back.

Or have i totally messed up and deserve to be called a n00b ? :slight_smile:

Any info / help will be greatly appreciated


iso buster is the right thing for you… next time check what you’ve just done :stuck_out_tongue:

Didnt Work :frowning:

said the PVD was unrecognisable

uhm… this is much strange, since i had the same problem with an old cd and, after years, i’ve been finally able to read it… sorry! :confused: