Last question and I’ll stop harassing you senior members. I hate, hate, and hate some more windows system restore. It doesn’t work for me, I know its because I didn’t allocate a space on my hard drive for it but I hate it when it works too.

Being how this is cdfreaks, I need to make a cd/dvd that is a alternative system restore where I put it in and it does the same thing as the windows restore . I could google it and I would get a 1000 different programs that would do this. I just though you guys would give much more valuable insight as to what programs are the best for this instead of having my system crash and then figure out my disk are no good also.


Are you referring to a complete system restore, or just a ‘restore point’ in XP?

I can already do a complete system restore with the disk that came with my computer … I’m trying to find alternatives to windows xp restore system that uses disks instead of my hard drive to store the backup data. That way if I need to restore I boot off the disk.

Do you mean a CD or DVD to boot and restore, or an external hard drive? Normally “disk” means a hard drive…

You can delete this now, lol. I have owned Nero Ultra 7 for almost a year, and it wasn’t till I went poking around on the their website trying to find a answer for the thread that was just created, that I figure out I had BackItUp which lets me do what i’m trying to do.

you can also look into Acronis True Image if your wanting to back up your system