Restore your hijacked Internet Explorer homepage

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Nighthawk used our newssubmit to tell us about a tool to restore your Internet Explorer homepage after visiting the website:

A week or so a go something I installed changed my IE…

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:frowning: i dont why this isnt illegal!!!..i think that entering to users pc`s is more illegal than backing up your own cds …So why they dont close !!! PS-> God bless :stuck_out_tongue: (makers of Ad-ware)

Truly sucks that we must now avoid certain sites that do this kind of stuff to or systems…

I visited there and nothing happened to my IE homepage. Are you really sure about this?

This is indeed a true statement as I had the same problem, and had too change my homepage manually, and I have yet to test it :frowning: Is hacking into a PC over the internet not a crime? Because this webpage has violated this rule, and can be opened up for a possible court case for not complying with the Data Protection Act. :4 Greetz from The Diplomat :8

my pc as been a nightmare since it was hijacked by and i still dont know how it happened any download the uninstall for it and my pc now works fine so a big thanxs to you guys for this info so now i can continue surfing :slight_smile:

Adaware just found 21 entries on my pc 18 of which were in the registry and 3 on my HD, and they were all from, one file I can’t delete, it called plg_ie0.dll :frowning: I will have too manually delete it by booting with a Dos disk on XP Pro :4 I wouldn’t mind but I have never been too that site :frowning: I recon they are spying on us to se what we have on our PC’s, It wouldn’t surprise me one bit :c Greetz from The Diplomat :8


great, just added to the webwasher block list. stupid asses, don’t mess with other people’s iexporer. I got a script which changes the page in ie without notification from the source code of some warez site, but just out of pure interest, I would never use it on my own website, 'cause this really pisses me off

Thievery and deception !!! tantamount to comming home and finding your front door lock has been changed by the local locksmith and having to go to his shop to get your new key…What next …opening your personal land mail and putting flyers inside…no sorry thats already happening…pisses me off :r

Don’t those scripts run only when you’ve allowed the script to be run? I got a few weeks ago, and I don’t know how (I never went there), but I assumed it was one of those stupid scripts IE requires you to accept to run.

Just use another browser, so you won’t have to worry about thsi problem.

Be careful about running these uninstall tools from On a system that was running Win2K Advanced Server, running both the uninstall tool and the toolbar removal tool resulted in a system that wouldn’t boot. The solution was to reinstall Win2K, and that was a decision that was made after two days of trying to coerce the system to boot again. The better solution than to run these tools is to get Ad-Aware. Also, if you search the website (I can’t see any real reason to do this otherwise, but…) you won’t find any mention of the uninstaller link. Search Google for and you’ll get only one hit… so I’m wondering where these uninstaller links actually came from…? I first saw them posted on the Lavasoft forums.

Dx50azlm these links came from the About page @ I just posted the links and not the page to make it easier, and because if you go to the main page your home page will be hijacked :r Ad-Aware currently only works for and not, so you will have to use the unistaller for this, unless someone can come up with another solution. Den_8_5, the hijacking can happen when you some install some software, e.g. some dodgy search tools you are asked if you want to install when visiting certain web sites.

Switch to Opera without java then all problems with hostile javascript sites are nolonger a problem. :7

If this had happened to me, I would really be pissed off, maybe even enough to spend the time on doing some reverse-scripting and passing the fun on back to (a place like)… I predict that someone WILL have fun with them, unfortuneatley I don’t have the knowledge of how to do it:c But I’m sure someone does:4

Yeah and someone out there knows which sites we have been browsing :frowning: tut tut like I said they are violating Data Protection act, and I might report them. It is illegal for them too carry out such activies :c Greetz from the Diplomat:8

Nighthawk, thanks for the information! I ran the uninstallers on Win98 and Win2K Professional boxes with no problems. Seems to prevent the OS from booting sometimes if you don’t have the toolbar software installed and try to run the toolbar uninstall program anyway. I’ve been using Opera now for 3 years myself and I’m about to use it to visit to check out how they do their sneaky hijaking of people’s IE settings. Maybe Micro$oft won’t be so against making a patch or something if someone figures it out for them :slight_smile:

I’ve just restarted windows twice and both times the home page went back to :c I’ve just rerun the uninstall to see if that helps. I’ve run MSCONFIG and there’s nothing loading at startup to hijack the page. Any ideas???

Just found this lot, dont know how but ive got it. Tried the link to the uninstaller but it now says it is blocked. Tried the support link but this does not exist. Does anyone have a copy of the uninstall proggy they could send me ???