Restaurant fined over $40K for playing music without licensing

Restaurant fined over $40K for playing music without licensing.

[newsimage][/newsimage]If you thought going out to eat was expensive, consider the steep price for being caught playing unlicensed music in a restaurant: $7,612 per song. Now, multiply that by four. That's how much the owners of North Carolina-based Fosters American Grille have been ordered to pay following a successful, aggressive civil lawsuit brought by BMI.

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Where did this Judge come from???($30,450 in damages) Every song in the world is on YouTube w/video!!!If they had a big screen with youtube playing…what then???

Can a restaurant just tune into a public radio station without getting the attention of BMI?

Can a radio station playing music while your on hold be illegal?

What’s the difference?

I walked into my local mom-and-pop-owned pizza parlor and they told me they couldn’t do karaoke anymore without paying licensing fees therefore they stopped doing it! But I’m like they bought a freakin’ karaoke machine, they paid for the songs that are programmed in the machine! BMI = Greed

Down here the RIAA was suing shops for playing commercial radio without a public performance license…

Same way in Ireland; here run by the organisation IMRO, which charges based on seating capacity.

In fact, if you have a TV in the restaurant, not only do you need a TV license, but also an IMRO license to cover any music performed by the TV broadcasts.

Here’s where they get really greedy - Do you get a discount if you buy your own music to play in a restuarant? Well, you’ll need to purchase a public performance license by the organisation PPI to cover the playing of pre-recorded music on top of the IMRO license, which is also charged based on seating capacity!

[QUOTE=AIRBUD7;2600415]Where did this Judge come from???($30,450 in damages) Every song in the world is on YouTube w/video!!!If they had a big screen with youtube playing…what then???[/QUOTE]

Same result for the same reason

What if I pulled up to a gas station with my radio playing loud…Could I be sued…

This is getting out of hand. I´m sure we didn´t have to put up with this years ago, at least where I come from - New Zealand.

I recently had to deal with the issue here in Germany when a band from NZ arrived here to play: we found out we couldn´t even advertise the gig because they weren´t registered. We had to put them in a bar that had a licence…long story but really time-wasting and not good for them in the end.

By the way…it didn´t help to learn that GEMA (as the authorities are called here) was organised by the Nazis!

I think it’s only going to get worse.
There was a time when performers wanted their music played publicly even free.
For example when I was a kid the public swimming pool played a local radio station.
I think this could be fought (if a lawyer would do it pro bono) under the right to free speech. Any music allowed to be publically broadcast on the air wavs would be covered by free speech . Meaning if I can receive it I can play my radio to as many people as I like to hear it WITH me.
The RIAA & other similar groups could stop the radio stations from playing the music if they didn’t want it heard. Otherwise at least in the USA it should be free speech under the US Constitution.
I’ve offered this solution for the RIAA before : Only allow bands to do live concerts. Don’t allow any of their music to be recorded period. Not for CD’s , DVDs’ or other media.
That way people would have to pay to hear the music live in concert . We all know they would make more money this way because just as many people would show up at the concerts as listen to the radio or other media . Would’nt they ?
I really hate to see all of the RIAA execs in line down at the Salvation Army .

Pretty insane amount of fines just for playing music. I certainly do not agree with the interpretation that playing pre-recorded music in a privately owned establishment counts as a “public performance”.

I was having a full body bone scan recently. I noticed there was a flat panel on the ceiling that was powered down. My scan was fairly short but some patients with tumors and such may be there for hours at a time. Asked the tech about it. He said even hospitals have to worry about being sued for the content patients watch.

Too fooking much, damn Nazi’s!


[QUOTE=AIRBUD7;2600471]What if I pulled up to a gas station with my radio playing loud…Could I be sued…[/QUOTE]
You would be fine, but the gas station could be sued for allowing music be played on its premises without a license. I’m also pretty sure I’ve heard this happening before at a garage, but can’t find the link. :doh: