Restarting 30 day trial of Nero 7

I have already used the trial version of nero 7 for the trial period (30 days), but i am wondering if there is anyway that you could uninstall something on the computer so that nero will not know i have already used the trial version for 30 days, because the trial version is the exact same as the real version. Any help would be appreciated.

Someone here will maybe tell you how to get it to run for ever. :wink:

If you like it, buy it! Try ebay. If Nero thinks it’s got a cracked serial or exe file it will disable some of the utilities.

Yo…godedd. You told him the secret pay-for-it method! :doh:

Oops… I’m sure he intended doing that all along!

Sure i like it, but its pretty expensive…but whats this about the cracked serial or exe file?

naughty naughty

Nothing that will be discussed here. Read the forum rules please before posting again.:cop:

Can’t afford Nero? Easy, try this thread and get WinOnCD, you pay for what you get ---------> Click Here To Continue :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop:

I don’t know about you,but I have Nero 6 Ultra and you can get it for less than $10
I got Nero 6 Ultra (OEM Suite 3) with my burner :slight_smile:
If you like Nero 7 good luck with it.

There is a way to overcome this legally. Install any app that has a trial period using Ashampoo Uninstaller. Then after the trial period expires, uninstall it using the same app.
That way you will clean any trace of the previos installation and get another trial period.

To get that to work you have to also inform Nero…they will then issue you with some special supplementary application…

If you want to continue to use the product, buy it, it’s not expensive.
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