Restart: Help me build my new Custom Desktop!

I look up to all of you here @ CdFreaks for your infinite wisdom :bow: :bow: .

Once I thought I figured my custom computer out, you showed me everything that made me realize I know nothing (Well, minimal).

So Now, I’m asking all of you to help chip in and help me build my custom computer from scratch. BTW, I am not putting this together, my experienced friend is, I am just buying the pieces.

Okay…As a price limit, I do not want to spend more than $1000. I wish to even stay under $900 if possible. For starters, I want these things:

Hard Drive (300+)
Memory (2 GB)
DVD Burner
Graphics Card (Still deciding)

I don’t think I need a power supply, because the case I am getting already has one in it, even though it’s not that great I hear. So if you know of a strong power supply under $50, let me know.

Okay, let’s let the brainstorming begin…I am interested in Intel’s $200 Brand new Core 2 Duo that is coming out on the 27th, two days before my birthday :clap: :clap: . With that, I’m assuming a need a powerful motherboard. Again, I don’t think I want to spend more than $200 on any particular item (Besides Core 2 Duo). With that said, I know that my wish list pricing should look like this…Processor - 200, Motherboard - 180, Hard Drive - 110 (Seagate), Case - 90, DVD Burner - 30, Graphics Card (Optional) - 160

That is roughly $800 Right there. So i may have a little room to spend. BRAINSTORM!!!

Sorry for long read, thanks for the help! I kind of ranted but I’m hoping to build a great machine for my birthday! :iagree: :iagree:

Here is the supposed prices on the conroe 2 duo’s.

The original link on this too if you want to look.

for hard drive, i’d jump on this RIGHT NOW (newegg deals don’t last long)

save another $5 with coupon code “buybarracuda” and that will save you a few bucks under your budget to put towards a power supply :slight_smile:

[B]Personnel choices[/B]
[B]CPU[/B] - E6600 After this chip they get quite alot more expensive
[B]Motherboard[/B] - Gigabyte LGA775 FSB1066. Maybe the GA-965P-DS4, DS4 or DQ6
[B]Hard Drive[/B] - SATA(2) Maxtor 300Gb
[B]Memory[/B] - DDR2 OCZ 667Mhz. Any faster will be limited by the board unless you want to overclock. Don’t think that the boards support 800Mhz yet on Intel.
[B]Case[/B] - Something that you like the look of, with PSU or you will need top get one.
[B]DVD Burner[/B] - I leave this for others
[B]Graphics Card[/B] - For games you will probably need something like a nVidia 7800GT. Something with a bit of go. If it’s not for games then a lower spec one would do.

Anyway there will be lots of discussion here about what you should have.

Don’t know the prices as I am not sure where you are from. Would guess US.

edit, lets just call this, why not to keep the power supply that comes with the case…

I’m not sure where you are, but hard drives are one of the few components that you can actually get cheaper locally when on sale. I also agree, if you want to buy from newegg and there is a good sale, jump on it as some sales last less than a day (thier prices changed randomly and frequentlly it would seem).
Also, I would defanatlly get a beter power supply. Fyi I would have been beter to have asked your questions in the other thread you started. That way people would know things like you may want to overclock and have already picked a case you like (I know you are not dead set on that case but you found one you like). Also, technically it is cross posting to ask the same question in two diffrent threads which is against the forum rules (not trying to be mean here by the way, it would just help us help you to have the info already discussed in the other thread).
I may sound like a pest here (sorry, gotta do it), but it is also beter to provide links to the hardware you are looking at. that way if not farmiliar with that particular model they can easilly look at the price, specs etc. and offer an opinion (I’m guessing even the most knoledgable people here don’t have the specs for every component avalable memorzed, lol). I usally just give newegg links (reguardless of where you are going to buy it). Its easy to get all the links, give a good representive price and newegg gives good specs.
Back to the power supply though. It is one of the most important parts of your system. A low quality power supply (which most cases except antecs have) not only can seem to work right but can make your system unstable, but if you overload them (as they cannot put out near the power they claim), they can die and if they do not have good protection and fry (some cheap ones do not have good protection), they can kill some or all of your nice new equipment!!! I have a deer power supply that came with a case. If you search about it, you will find that they have been know to explode (believe it or not, it worked fine for me but I have had other cheap power supplys teach me not to be stupid when it comes to the power supply). Every piece of equipment in your system relies on that power supply and every piece of equipment can not work right if the power supply doesn’t. sometime a cheap power supply works great and there are no problems. sometimes there are problems and the question is, how much do you want to gamble?
you can get a very good power supply for 50$ (or even less). Since you might be overclocking, I would look at the 60$ range though (you can still get one that will work fine with overclocking for under 50$ but I would also acount for upgrading). My take on power supplies is get one big enough that it can power everything (within reason) that your case can fit. that way your power supply will not limit upgrading. A good power supply can last several years and personally I think it is beter to buy big one now (doesn’t have to be too big, I’m not talking massive) than have to upgrade (and replace a perfectlly good high quality power supply because it is too small for your upgrades). Thats a personal thing though, as that would double the price (maybe even 70$, as he is not a mega gamer/high end graphics needer). You could easilly get away with a 30-40$ power supply (you can get a very high quality one for that much) that will run a basic system and leave room for some (maybe limited) upgrading.

these are not my recomendations, but rather a few examples of good ones and prices, you need to pick a price range first.
cheapest power supply on newegg that is 300-400 watts and decent.

these are good power supplies and franklly, they will power any average system fine. They will even allow you to upgrade but may limit the technology you can use (high end graphics, high power cpu’s overclocked etc). they may also limit mass upgrading (lots of drives (optical and hard), more ram, lots of pci cards, fans and lights (with the case you chose, you might want to upgrade lights etc at some point), etc. Usb and firewire take power too (usb doesnt take much but if you have a lot of devices and or fire wire devices that can take a lot more power). Alone, neither firewire or usb uses much power but a bunch of devices on top of other upgrades can be a factor. It doesn’t disallow these upgrades, it just limits how many you can have (cannot go crazy adding stuff to your computer, even over years as the power supply wont take it).
this is all you really need for most average systems. As the trend is more power though, who knows how well it will work with future equipment (absolutlly do not buy a power supply on ebay unless you know exactlly what you are buying as there are very good quality power supplies that are very insuficient on the 12v rail, because they are older models and new technology demanded substantially more 12v power).

here are some a little bigger.
I’m not to farmiliar with this company and they are new, but when they came out the quicklly developed a reputation on some of the overclocker sites as very good quality for the money (and cheap for the power and quality).

This is the same company as the first one (sparkle, fsp and another that I cannot remember, maybe zalman).

Price is too high but another good one.

I have been running one of these for a couple of years. It has a wooping 33 amps on a single 12v rail (very good for intel overclocking except conroe). Let me explain that. Amd has been killing intel when it comes to cpu power (I’m not an expert here so please dont attack me but do corect me if you think I am wrong). some intel cpu’s have gotten to require a lot of power, especially when overclocked, so much so, that dual 12v rail power supplys (splits the 12v power to mb, cpu etc power, and drive/accesory power, and most power supplies have split rails on the 12v) so that cpu gets more stable power, but may starve a power hungry cpu.
The reason that I say except the conroe, is that intel claims substantially lower power usage from the conroe (we really wont know untill they are out, and field tested so to speak). I gather that you do not know what a conroe is due to your other thread. It is the intel processors that are just now coming out, that are suposed to smoke all other processors on the market (all other processors, amd and intell are taking massive price dives as a result). They claim substantially lower power usage but amd is already saying thier claims are skued as they use average power, not max power (which does make a difffrence). Further, who knows how they will overclock and how much power they will take then.
I can say about this power supply, I have ran 6 hard drives, 4 opticals, lots of case fans (including a few high power ones), an overclocked athlon xp2500 (only about a 20% overclock as heat increases drastically with xp’s and if heat is increasing, I would asume power usage is increasing, you need power to produce heat), Lights, 5 pci cards, lots of usb devices etc.
I’m not saying this power supply is the best (I think it is good and enermax makes very good power supplys, but you might find beter for the money, or you might not). I do mean… something like this would be beter than a 30-40$ power supply as it would allow you to upgrade to unlimited memory, pci cards, hard drives, optical dirves, usb and firewire devices, and would improve your situation with stuff like sli/crossfire etc.

If money is tight, get a 30-40$ power supply but ask for recomendations and be carfull what you get (very carfull, price means nothing with power supplys, ask people that know what is good or you might be sorry). If you want to spend 60ish dollars (tell your price range), you can approach a power supply that can run all common equipment that you can fit in the case you looked at Plus extras. There are high end situations (video!!!video!!! gamer!!!), water or pelt cooling, etc, extreme stuff (not that extreme if you are that type of person though), that it wont power, but then you can always run dual power supplies…
I would have addressed a couple of other issues, but since I have rambled on about power supplies (since I have strong feelings about them as I have been the unfortunate victum of them, and have done a lot of research on them (not recentlly but the technology is the same)… I’ll digress before my post gets too long to post.

Wow…^^Thank you. Sorry about the two posts, it’s just that the other thread was getting two big and I wanted everybody’s help on this thread, which I am getting.

First off, for the Core 2 Duo, I noticed the cheaper one puts out 1.8Ghz whereas a Pentium D Processor puts out 2.66Ghz. I am unfamiliar of what Ghz is and how much it means, but why is it lower?

About the Processor. I picked one out for $140 that supports Core 2 Duo and seems very good, although it is new. BTW, what is a reputable brand for Motherboards? Asus, Abit etc…? – This is an Intel, and is almost exactly the same as the ASUS I picked out, but $20 cheaper. Does that seem like a board that could hold a good power supply, memory etc…?

For the Hard Drive, I believe I am set on the 320GB Seagate, because I hear great things.

Memory, What is all your opinions on memory? Good brands etc…I didn’t do much research on it, I just knew what I wanted and I happened to pick Patriot but apprently they are not a good brand.

For the Power Supply, I think I might just go with your’s RipIt, as it seems great and will be worth spending in the long run.

Graphics Card, Im going to stick with my 7600GT as it is cheap and apprently very good for what I need.

Opinions on choices and memory!

They are faster than the dual core 800 or 900 series. I was worried on that too but was told that it is faster. Example I have a dual core 805 clocked @ 2.93 ghtz. If I was to get the 1.8 on the conroe 2 duo it’ll be faster although overclocking these Iv’e heard is only able to O/C @ 5% and that’s it. Not really sure but I hope this explains that. So in plain english the duo 2’s are faster.

Motherboards I think alot will agree here that Abit, ASUS, Gigabytes are the good ones.

Okay cool, I think the only thing I need now is memory…BTW, Thank you everybody for your input, you’ve all been awesome :clap:

I think for memory I am going to lean towards any of the OCZ models. If I am getting a Core 2 Duo, should i get DDR2 800 or DDR2 667?

What do you think?

Depends what the board can or will support on that nut good name quality choice though.

Out of these three motherboards, which would you choose:




They all look relatively the same to me

Prices are 140(INTEL), 145 (GIGA), 170 (ASUS)

Even though it is higher the ASUS it has alot of extras so you can add to it easily. Example the SATA 3g’s part plus it is DDR 800.

I can personally recommend this power supply from Ripits link.

It will not let you down, strong rails and quiet.

Good choice on sticking with the 7600GT, one of the best cards for the price.

I also ordered the Seagate 320GB, it will be here Thursday so I can’t really
comemnt on it yet but for that price I would jump on the deal quick, I see it is still on

OneStepAhead, just want you to know that your original mobo choice, the Abit AW8D, is shown by Newegg to support Core 2 Duo, but this isn’t confirmed on the Abit website (yet). You just need to do some serious googling to find a confirmation that it works (or get a guarantee from Newegg). Basically, there are two Intel chipsets atm supporting C2D, the 975X and the 965P. Whereas all 965P mobo’s include support for C2D, not all mobo’s with the older (but higher end 975X) do. The 965P alternative from Abit is the AB9/AB9 Pro. nVidia also has a new chipset, but there’s no mobo’s available yet.

As you can see, it’s probably not going to be possible to get a C2D system set up by your birthday and you may still want to wait a couple weeks or months for the dust around C2D’s introduction to settle. In a new product life-cycle, the highest prices will normally exist shortly after the launch. Who knows how the prices will settle down in competition with AMD.

Don’t forget about the Quad cores coming at the end of 2006 to first part of 2007. Something to think about.

:cool: :cool:

If you plan on doing any overclocking or if you will be using the processor a lot (encoding, gaming, protein folding) then I would suggest upgrading your cooling. The Intel HSF is a joke and is quite noisy. The heatsink linked below is easy to install (exactly the same procedure as the Intel one), is quiet, and cools very well. It is also relativley cheap (some high end HSFs go for $50+ usd) and comes with a good thermal compound already applied to the base of the unit.

Cressida, I don’t think you understand. I originally searched to buy my own computer since Mid-April. Considering I know somebody who works for Sony and gets nearly half-off, I was very patient in waiting for him to get me the one I wanted. I searched for nearly two months, from having the computer I wanted ordered and ready and cancelling it the next minute to wait for the Sony promised to me. Recently, I just found out that the Sony I wanted was too late in ordering and he couldn’t get it. I was so pissed and was told a friend who in the computer department of the NBA to build one. That was Saturday. I’m sticking to this for now LOL. And also, I do not want this by my birthday. I will most likely be ordering the parts on my birthday.

There’s my story.

Anyways, I’m going to stick with the P5B Asus motherboard, as I confirmed it supports Core 2 Duo on their website. As for the graphics card. I picked this $95 Asus Graphics Card. Great reviews and so much cheaper. I would rather spend the $70 saved on the power supply.

Now my pricing looks like this –

Core 2 Duo 2.13 ghz – $220
ASUS P5B Motherboard – $170
Seagate 320 GB Hardrive – $110
OCZ Gold Series 2GB – $150
ASUS Graphics Card – $90
Case – $90
Power SUpply – $70
DVD Burner – $40

Comes out to $940 and those are rough prices (Within 10 dollers) not including tax or shipping… :frowning: A little over my budget but I guess that looks good and like it will last right?

Yes, I understand you don’t want to wait any longer :disagree: ! Careful with the graphics card, your link shows an AGP version, whereas you’ll need the PCI Express x16 equivalent for current mobo’s. I believe it’s this one:

(Or choose one of the “Silencer” versions with passive cooling for a less noisy system.) Should make a nice system otherwise :iagree: :clap: .


Yup - look real close at the graphics card-eh!

My personaly prefrence with motherboards have always been asus and abit (abit more so latlly) but both make good boards and there are other good ones too. Seagate is also a good choice in hard drives. ocz is a good choice in memory. I’m not sure about the video card (don’t know either way, good or bad). It looks like a pretty good selection of equipment though.
Once you nail down the exact stuff you want, what I would do is look at two things (with the motherboard and video card at least, it wouldn’t hurt with other stuff too). first look at the customer feed back on newegg for each item (if newegg carries the particular item). I generally look at the bad feedback (it will let you sort the feedback by lowest rated first). Look at both how many people gave bad feedback and look at why (sometimes people give bad feedback for stupid reasons). Realize that even the best equipment is going th have the occational customer problem or defective unit, but are there a lot of defective units and or a lot of people having the same problem, and is it a corectable problem (like with a bios update) and it is a severe problem?
the second thing, google for reviews. for instance if I was looking at an abit ax8 motherboard (just randomly picked that one), I would google “abit ax8 review” or “ax8 review”. Some reviews are cheesy, some are good, so read a few. It might not only tell you how good of a board it is, but reading through a few reviews might help you determine if it has features that you really like and or things or limitations that you really don’t like.
Thats the way I usally research equipment anyway and it seems to work ok. Of course with burners, you have the experts here. The newest models from benq and liteon seem to be the most popular and both are good (beware the benq dq60 though).
Hope that helps some.