Rest in peace George Best

‘Just after 1pm a spokesman for London’s Cromwell Hospital issued a statement giving the news that the star was dead. It said: "After a long and very valiant fight Mr George Best died this afternoon in the intensive care unit at Cromwell Hospital.’

I’v never been into football but George Best was a fine man! He will be missed.


while it’s sad to see him go, he didn’t do himself any favors. the question now is, should the liver he got been better use in somebody that would have look after it ?

He will be remembered as one of the greatest players ever…

Saw a quote attributed to him that went something like…

I spent most of my money on fast cars, women and liquor, the rest I threw away. :slight_smile:

I never heard of the guy, but from what I read I must admit he lived a pretty turbulent life. Let that be a lesson for all of us… make sure you live happy before dying young.

In hindsight obviously it would of probably been put to better use going to someone that have commited to not use alcohol but you never know who that might be. From what I understand he started drinking shortly after recieving the new liver. It seems when people have money they can get procedures done easier than someone without the resources regardless of commiting to correct the behaviour that got them in the situation that innitiated or exasperated the disease. I had a friend that recently died that was on a transplant list for a kidney due to diabetes. The day of the operation he tested positive for cocaine and was put to the back of the transplant list. He eventually had both legs amputated, went blind and died. He could not stay clean even though he knew what the consequences were.
I am currently undergoing treatment for hepatitis c. Basically chemo therapy but not as intense as for cancer patients. I knew I had it hep c. for years before quitting but I did not stop, drinking and drugging and other unsafe lifestyle activities till something happened that made me realise I was going to end up in prison or dead if I didn’t quit. But the fact that I had the disease was not enough to get me to quit drinking, which is like throwing gasoline on a fire for someone with hep. c. Personally now after being clean, I think as you that it would of been better to give a gift of life to someone that respects what has been given to them. But I dont think I would of felt like that when I was still drinking if I was in that situation. Acoholism is a powerful thing. I know several people that have died from it or are dieing because they will not quit but fear of death is not enough to get them to stop. Sorry for rambling but this is a subject that is very close to me. :slight_smile:

Best and Burns all in the span of a couple of days :frowning: