Response to problems with nero and lightscribe

I have read all the problems some are having with the lightscribe feature in nero. I had the same problems and this is how I fixed it. Burner is LG 2166D.
1.If you buy a new burner and don’t have any nero products installed,install the software that came with burner and you should have no problems.
2. If you have any nero products already installed you must completly remove them.Use uninstall in control panel, then go to nero’s web site to and download then run it. then go to and download and run it.(Be sure you have your serial number written down before you do this!).If you have earlier versions use the one that applies to you listed on the left.
2 My burner came with OEM software from nero so your’s may be different here. Put in the software that came with your burner, do a custom install and install the nero express part only. (the other things power dvd power producer etc. will cause serious problems when you reinstall nero 7 )
3. restart your computer and see if all is working.
4. reinstall nero 7 or any version you have after and including Nero 6 Reloaded (Nero or a later version .If you see such an error message that your installed LightScribe Host Software requires an update. go to and install the update.
5 Now hopefully every thing including lightscribe should work.(mine did)
note: you can also download sure thing cd labeler from (Free) If you don’t do the steps above this program won’t work either. I work as a sys admin and install and uninstall software every day, and this is one of the toughest installs I have ever done lol. Seems to me Nero would document these potential problems and give some instructions.
Hope this helps

After literally YEARS of lurking here and sucking up knowledge and solutions to problems for free, I HAD to finally register to post this your solution FINALLY solved my Nero dilemma. I had tried the driver manipulation, the regedit trick, everything a million reinstalls, everything.

You rawk!

I should mention this was for a laptop toshiba lightscribe, I had had and used Nero 6.6.whatever for lightscribe on it in the past, and Nero 7 jsut would not work at all ever for lightscribe.

I too was experiencing the problems listed in these posts when trying to get my lightscribe drive to function. I downloaded and applied these cleanup utilities from Nero’s web site. Whether they were an essential part of the fix I’m not sure, as I still had no luck having my drive recognised by the lightscribe software. My drive was correctly picked up by the Nero software and the lightscribe icon appeared on the Nero interface suggesting that it recognised that I had a lightscribe capable burner.
The trick that finally did it for my Windows machine was in some information sent to from me Nero’s technical support team. I have reproduced it below in case it solves anybody else’s problems:

In Windows, go to >Start >Settings >Control Panel >Administrative Tools >Services >LightScribeService Direct Disc Labeling Service

Right-click on “LightScribeService Direct Disc Labeling Service”, choose “Properties”, go to “Startup type” and select “Automatic”.
The display under “Service status” has to be set to “Started”.

In Windows, go to
>Start >Settings >Control Panel >Administrative Tools >Local Security Policy
>Local Policies >Security Options
Double-click on the entry
"Devices: Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged-on user only".
Choose the option “Disabled”.
Confirm this change by clicking on "Apply” and “OK”.

If you use Windows XP Home, please try the following steps:
Open the “Registry” by
>clicking on “Start” in Windows
>clicking on “Run”
>typing in “regedit” into the field “Open” and verifying with "OK"
Select the path
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon.
Doubleclick the entry “allocatecdroms” and check if the value is set to “0”.
If not, please set it to “0”.

Stop and restart the service “LightScribe” in the control panel.
In Windows select
>Start >Settings >Control Panel
>Administrative Tools >Services
Now the Lightscribe function should be recognized.

Please also change a setting of the Lightscribe service:

Rightclick on the service “Lightscribe”, select >Properties >Recovery
Select the option “restart the service” in the field "first failure"
The option “restart service after 1 minute” will now be activated.
Confirm this setting with “Apply” and “OK”.

Hope that helps!

Nero Express 6 didn’t offer the LS option anymore; installed newer version (, didin’t work either. Couldn’t select the drive that LS should use either.

What a pain in the … Nero screwed up here because it indicated I had the latest LS API installed: they claim it is version (which is checked online and got green mark next to it), but it appears there is a newer version: Installed it and everything works as intended.

You can DL it here: LS v

On that site there is some free software for LS burning as well, so if you want to ditch Nero all together (it took me several hours, so I’m pretty close…), give this a try.


I tried almost everything to get my Memorex USB external Lightscribe drive to create Lightscribe labels and was about to replace it with a HP Lightscribe external burner, when I came across your post. Yours is the last solution that sounded viable to try.

Followed your Nero Technician’s instructions to the letter and it re-awakened the Lightscribe function in my drive perfectly. I was able to use my commercially-purchased SureThing Deluxe 4 label making program without a hitch! Chances are it will now recognize any other Lightscribe labeling programs too.

I will try all of mine and report back on the results I found. Meanwhile these instructions should be burned to CD immediately and safely kept for any future problems or system re-installs.

Thank you for having to go through the hassle of contacting Nero asking for help and especially for sharing your Nero Technician’s Lightscribe re-awakening fix. [B]These steps worked while numerous attempts to reinstall hardware/software burner drivers, Lightscribe software/diagnostic/labeler programs, Lightscribe labeler software programs like SureThing and even the latest Memorex burner firmware flash, all failed to restore Lightscribe labeling function.[/B]

A note however, I [B]DID NOT [/B] use the clean-up utilities from the Nero website as stated, showing it is not an essential part of the fix. It may be best to have a clean Nero install but any Nero install requires you to remove any previous versions before it will let you continue so it seems redundant.

Thanks a million. I wish you could share this hot procedure with the world as it works perfectly and is so easy and best of all IS FREE!

I wish I could return the favor. You are the best!