Response from Sen. Wayne Allard of Colorado on DMCA

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 U.S. Senator Wayne  Allard (R) is a former Colorado veterinarian, from a neighboring town, near  where I live. It's his belief that elected officials should be citizen  legislators. Allard...
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A typical politicians letter, decidedly uncommitted, americans should inform their congressmen the only result of straddling the fence is sore nuts…:X

…and if you walk down the middle of the road you get knocked down…!

I wrote a letter a while back to my european mp about the european copywrite act. He managed to forward my letter on to the main minister in charge of passing the law. His response was that my concerns were valid and that the law was more aimed at tangible copywrite rather than electronic. Use your voice in these upcoming euro elections, ask each candidate what their stance is on digital copywrite and vote accordingly. Democracy only works if u take an interest. sitting in your chair and getting upset by these stories does absolutly nothing :B

I am not an American but it sounds to me this Senator is the Puppet Master (can anybody see the RIAA’s hand up his arse when they see TV footage of him or the brown paper bags they give him that are filled with $$$$ to get their way) I suggest people do what I have been doing for a number of years now and that is I DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from ANY company that tries to RIP ME OFF, RESTRICT MY RIGHTS, TREATS ME LIKE A CRIMINAL or TRIES TO PEDDLE ME ABSOLUTE SHITTE. I put their name on my list of Companies (and/or products) that I will never buy anything from because they treat me like an extra $30 profit rather than a customer, and quite a number of those companies have lost thousands of dollars of sales over the last few years from me alone. As the Aussies say “FAIR GO MATE!” and that is something these greedy companies just can’t comprehend.

I’ve emailed my Rep and Senator as well and got form letters about as quick as I get a rebate check back. Another good thing to try ins Google’s email feature for searching news. It emails you whenever news with a certain keyword appears. I use Senator’s name so I could more closely watch his activities.

" I use Senator’s name so I could more closely watch his activities." That’s a damn good idea. We have computers and the Internet. Let’s put them to use! Lobbies are taking over the government

I actually grew up in the same town as Allard. If he puts in his form letter that he is keeping an open mind- he is! Allard may be a great support to us in the future. It -is- a form letter, but lets try to stay optimistic. The RIAA isn’t the only power in America. It’s “We the people”.

I wrote both Allard and Knighthorse Campbell, and although they both sent form letters, one thing I can assure you, Allard will go where the money is and with whatever benefits him, Campbell on the other hand this is his last term in office, now we need to see how his successor( hopefully Coors, and not his oponent Salazar) will win. (Salazer is the current States attorney General). Allard will make sure the money comes first and the peoples rights second of that there is no doubt.

cpr guy - I agree we have nothing to lose. It is a form letter. But, at the bottom is an indication that he dictated it. So he is at least up on the issues. We just need to keep up the pressure. It is so easy to do so. We are fools if we don’t. :X

First law of politics…get people on your side by making them think you are on their side…what we need in politics in all countries (so called democratic countries that is) is a watch committee made up of mr and mrs average to review politicians performance and thus their salary twice a term…:X

I think you’re absolutely right Darwin. I think it’s a little bit of both. Fight for your rights in the political arena and also boycott the companies who treat their customers like garbage. I’m glad we agree.

No worries about that form letter. That’s just the way it has to be done. I’m sure a typical politician recieves thousands of messages a week. I work in a staff office of 13 people for the Lt. Governor of Indiana, and these form letters are typical. We have one staff person assigned to answering them. The general rule of thumb is, we meet once a week to discuss the Top 20 common issues brought to the table (via email, letter, phone, etc…) and we all weigh and debate them. Hopefully that’s the way it works in most offices. The more people that respond and fight for their rights, the higher up they get on that importance list. The top few issues always get priority, its just a matter of making our voice that loud.

p_motch- thanks for the insight! This is encouraging news and helps us to understand how at least some public officials may prioritize different issues. Great info! :slight_smile: