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I’m currently using Norton AV 2003, that I receive for free with my internet account. In 2 weeks, the free update mechanism will expire. So now, I must choose to either continue with symantec and buy another year of upgrades or go for another AV software. I was not very happy with Norton because of the resource hungry scanner, but hey it was free :slight_smile:

My question : do you know another (good) anti-virus that stealth less resources from my PC (and not priced at €3000) ?

As my “race runner” config is : Duron 850 MHz with 256 MB ram running XP, and that I have other priorities for the moment to invest some money, you have an idea of what should be resource friendly AV.

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i read a while back in a pc mag that “NOD32” had the fastest scanning for virus’ and norton was about the slowest.
i havent used it so i cant comment further. But it might be worth checking out.

I always hated Norton because, as you note, it uses way more resources that the optimum. I know some poor folks who installed the complete Internet Security suite and watched their computers slow to a crawl - but still were too paranoid to remove it.
I use AVG anti-virus from It is quite brilliant and uses much less memory that Norton, and is compatible with XP2. And free is a good price as well!
Highly recommended.

Kaspersky and NOD32 are perferably ones, Kaspersky is said to be a bit safer but it’s also more expensive.

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try trent antivirus or etrust ez anti-virus

The two with the lightest footprint and resource usage would be NOD32 and Symantac Corporate Edition

I’ve allways had trouble with slowly opening zip/rar files when running trend micro. Currently i use Norman and am very satisfied.

I was using NAV (which has horrible customer service) and recently started using this AV software. It’s gotten really good reviews and is recoginzed by WinXP’s Security Center. It’s free too and the updates are always free too.

Ive got the internet security installed and i want to change. anyone know of a good seperate firewall to use? is xp one crap?

When i had the norton firewall installed some images on websites would not load or show and when i disabled privacy control they would show

How much is €3000 in US currency? I am no aware of the price range you seek.

i use mcafee virusscan pro and firewall plus (and ad-aware every few days for a scan), doesnt seem to slow my system down to badly.

ben :slight_smile:

3000 Euro = 3724.50 US Dollar

NOD32 is what you seek :slight_smile:


If you want a high quality reliable and affordable solution then there is only one solution. Unfortunately AVG doesn’t cut the mustard. Kaspersky is on a par with norton (or close). Eset NOD32 is unbeaten in it’s performance.

Check the stats out for yourself on:

The VB100 awards are the best judge. Look for the most consistent track record of success. The answer is ESET NOD32. It’s also much lighter on resources than Norton. The interface is slightly more techy but what the hell. Try the demo and see!


Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition

You sure have enough money to spend on it, I say go for it.

btw, can someone enlighten me why Norton is good? It’s extremely slow (compared to other anti-virus programs) and eats memory like a pig.
According to the article Kaspersky is the way to go which is according to my experiences correct.

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Well, think fredsky is exaggerating a little about the price, but when I’m in doubt about the value of some foreign currency I find this tool quite handy.

5 passed compared to 20 fails. I wouldn’t trust AVG. I like the idea (free) but you can’t take chances with AV:

AVG Test History

Read the results from the most trusted Virus labs. Bear in mind that these aren’t single snapshots carried out by a magazine at a single point in time. They are regular test across time which allow you to see how a product will perform in the long term. After all you keep AV software for at least a year. You don’t want this months best, you want the consistent best. Try browse by product and see if anyone can beat:

5 passed compared to 20 fails

Although to be picky, 4 out of 5 in the last five tests - but I take your point. As I take all the other essential precautions I have found it to be adequate, and resource-friendly. The only time someone sent me a virus AVG picked it up, so it did it’s job for me. Depends what you need.
Thanks for the info re NOD32 tho’, not a product I was familiar with.

np m8. I know where your coming from though. I have only had about 4 virus encounters ever and I’ve owned computers since 1982. The antivirus is there as a safety net. The first line of defence is your own behaviour, and the second is the firewall and patches, and lastly comes the AV as the final defence.