Resolved: Benq 1640 problem with firmwareupdate

Hi, this is just for information.

In the past I’ve had a problem updating my 1640 to a newer firmware.
All the programs work well with the writer only the firmware-update-program can’t see the writer (the 1640 didn’t appear in the listbox).
After making a fresh WinXP installation the writer is selectable in the firmware-program.
Then I installed the drivers step by step and tested the firmware-program.
After installing the VIA IDE Accelerator the writer is gone in the firmware-program. Going back to the MS IDE drivers solved that issue.

I’ve tried the same on my old XP installation and the MS drivers are shown in the device-manager too but the firmware-program can not see the 1640.
I seems that the VIA driver are very obstinate.
Only a fresh WinXP solved the problem.


Thanks for the info.

I think some people will appreciatte this info. :iagree:

Coming from NEC’s world, I can say that this is very old news. See the FAQ :

Q: Do I need any special drivers before I backup or flash firmware?
A: It’s been well proven that Microsoft’s default IDE drivers work best. Not only for flashing and backing up firmware but for general good and smooth operation of DVD±RW drives and the software used for burning and scanning.

Maybe something to add to the general DVD FAQ or BenQ FAQ.

yes that’s true.

But I’ve found the real reason what’s the problem with the firmwareupdates.
Not the VIA-Accelator is the reason (there are problems using it with CDSpeed).
The Benq software-programmers doesn’t seem to know that it’s possible to assigne the drive-letter ‘Z’ to the 1640. With ‘Y’ no problem. With ‘Z’ neither the Benq tools nor the firmware-update-programs can find the drive.

Hope this helps.
Perhaps someone should tell this a Benq coder.