Resolution Settings in VirtualDub

I am capturing old video8 tapes from my sony handycam (TR96) Help from the hardware forum set me up capturing with VirtualDub. I am a little unsure what I should set the resolution at for capturing the vido8 tapes?

Any help would be great.


Where in the world are you? The resolution & Framerate depend on where you live.

There are two different standards … Pal & NTSC.

Sorry, Canada NTSC

If you intend on playing it only on a PC, then the minimum resolution you want is 640x480 (standard VGA). 800x600 would be better (but probably unnecessary).
This will maintain the 4:3 standard resolution.

If you intend on making everything a Video DVD, you want to capture at the same resolution as NTSC DVD which is 720 x 480. PC based DVD players will rescale it to 4:3 when they play it.