Resolution settings for mobile

Hi, everyone. First post here.

When converting a DVD to PS3 (I’m trying to archive my DVD’s so that I don’t have to touch the discs anymore), is there a way to choose the original resolution as an output option? When I go to set the output resolution, it only seems to give odd numbers, like 702x400, as opposed to the native resolution of NTSC DVD, 720x480.

Now, I can actually understand the lower vertical resolution, due to the cropping of the black bars for letterbox movies, which is fine, but I don’t want to lose so much horizontal resolution, especially considering that it’s not actually cropping anything from the sides. It’s just lowering the horizontal resolution altogether.

Then again, maybe I’m missing something. Any ideas?

Actually, after looking at resolution settings some more, and removing crop altogether, I now see that the top-most resolution is 848x480. Now, I know that DVD is 480p/i, but I always thought the horizontal resolution was 720. Am I wrong? 848 seems to be much higher than I anticipated, and I don’t want to make the movie BIGGER than the original. I just want to get as close to a 1:1 copy from DVD to PS3 as possible.

I was under the iimpression that nearly all PAL DVD’s are 720 while some NTSC ones are 720 and some 704.


The resolution “702x400” or “848x480” all are keeping correct aspect-ratio, in the future, when add anamorphic encode, then can use orignial resolution “720x480” or others, and the player can play the file with correct aspect ratio.


848x480 is correct highest resolution for a 16:9 NTSC anamorphic DVD. 720x480 is not 16:9. 16:9 is 1.77:1 and 720x480 1.5:1. 1024x576 is highest resolution for 16:9 PAL anamorphic DVD.

I think I understand now. Not to beat a dead horse, but just to make sure I get what I’m wanting, as long as I pick the topmost resolution from the list, then I should be getting a 1:1 copy of the movie, correct?

You’ll get a 1:1 resolution copy of the original, but the compression must then spread those bits across a much larger amount of pixels, resulting in more noticable artifacts. You’ll need to decide what tradeoff is better: a softer picture (from upscaling less resolution) or a dirtier picture (from more artifacts/macroblocking). I like to keep my settings at around 704xXXX, I find it’s the best compromise for me until they implement anamorphic 720x480.

Ok, see, now we’re getting somewhere! :slight_smile:

This is what has been confusing me. I’ve been using another program, CloneDVD Mobile, to make vids for my Zune and PS3. In it, the highest resolution available for DVD to PS3 (which is my main concern, Zune is fine the way it is) is 720x480. I’ve always thought, and read quite a few times, that 720x480 is THE DVD resolution. When using that size in CDVD-M, the video looks great (it doesn’t crop the black bars, however), but there are other issues that prompted me to try DVDFAb, especially being able to queue up multiple movies to encode overnight.

But after messing around with DVDFab, I never could find that “720x480” resolution that I thought my movies should be encoded in. I’m a stickler for keeping the resolution as close to, if not AT, the source resolution, so only seeing sizes below or above what I was expecting has been racking my brain! But now that you mention “Anamorphic”, things are beginning to click.

So, basically, DVDFab doesn’t do anamorphic, and that’s why I’m not seeing my beloved 720x480? Or am I missing the point totally?

At the end of the day, what I want to know is “what resolution do I need to use to get as close to, or at, original DVD source resolution” without upsizing, or downsizing for that matter.

BTW, I tend to use 2Mbps encoding rate, PS3 profile, so size doesn’t matter all that much to me.

That’s correct, since DVDFab can’t output an anamorphic image, we have to physically define the frame structure of the output. 848x480 (or slightly smaller after cropping the few pixel border on many dvds) will get you the original DVD’s content without scaling it. Basically all DVDFab is doing is stretching the horizontal width back out from the anamorphic source. Technically I would assume the encoder still needs to do some guesswork since 720 pixels encoded as “wide” are being split out into 848 “square” pixels, but this is the closest we can get with a nonanamorphic output.

I too am confused with the new settings. I have the latest version 4102 and I don’t see the 720x settings. What setting took the place of the 720.

Thanks a ton, dja1ien. That explains everything perfectly. I appreciate your help, especially after all the rambling I did.

Santaprayer, now that I understand what’s going on, there is no explicit “720x***” setting. The closest thing to it, and the one you’ll want to use if you’re like me and want the closest “source resolution” output is the size at the very top of the list. After reading dja1ien’s explanation on how the resolutions work now, if you were to go to the crop options and turn cropping off, then go back to the configure screen, you’ll see that the topmost size in the list will be “***x480”, with the first number generally being in the 800’s. Since NTSC DVD video (and I’m assuming you’re video is NTSC based on your 720x question) is 480p, the vertical resolution, the topmost ***x480 setting IS actually the 720x480 option we’re looking for.

I don’t want to add any more confusion than I might already have, but reason it doesn’t show 720x is because of most widescreen DVD’s being anamorphic, which means the width of the movie is sort of sqeezed into 720x. It took some reading for me to grasp it, but suffice it to say, santaprayer, that the topmost size option will be what you want to use for “source sized” conversions.

Thank you Dragon for the explanation. I kind of have an idea of what’s going on. Practice makes perfect. That’s what I am going to do. Thanks again.