Resolution Settings change

Hi all,
I’m using DVDFab Plat 5015 and I’m seeing something that I didn’t see in ver. 4.x. I’m using the DVD to Mobile, generic, avi.xvid.mp3 setting. I need a resolution of 320x240. After I set my fixed bitrate 512, framerate 25fps, audio bitrate 128 and 2-pass, I set these as default. Once that’s done, my resolution changes to 320x242. Small change but it’s there. I’m also getting a line of pixelation at the very top and bottom of the screen. Can anyone advise if the change in resolution is causing this slight pixelation? Also, has anyone else had their resolution settings change just by saving the default?


What are you using for playback? The resolution will change if you have the automatic Crop feature turned on (or change the cropping manually)…

I’m using an Ainol V2000SE mp4 player. I’ll check the crop settings. I didn’t think of that. Thanks.