Resolution and other issues

Basically, this whole ripping DVDs thing is becoming really agravating for me because 1) I just want them on my hard drive, so I can edit fanvideos 2) a lot of things will rip fantastically… in .vob format… which my editing software does not even aknowledge as existing. So my questions are: which format should I use to rip to get the best resolution and how do I convert .vob to something, anything that Ulead will read (which is basically anything in the universe except .vob)… I’ve also had a problem with several DVDs in which they start ripping (in any of the DVD to mobile formats) and get to about .12%… then just stop ripping. What’s that about?

If Ulead will read MPG files, do your rips with DVDFab’s VOB Passthrough function, then just change the output file suffix from .VOB to .MPG in windows. If it will not read .mpg, try another editor. Some (e.g. AVS Video Remaker) will edit MPEG2 without decoding and then re-encoding and work much faster. I don’t edit much and have never used the Corel product that you have. Not sure about the freezing–I’ve never had that happen in DVD to Mobile.

//EDIT// I see the newest version of Ulead will do AVC (H.264) files. This would also be a good choice for maintaining quality and DVDFab has several profiles in DVD to Mobile that work well.