Resize image

I am new to this forum and am looking forward to interacting with all you members out there. I received some good news today…one of my images was shortlisted for a photo contest and I have been asked to send a high res image. Unfortunately I am not clear about their requirement and that is where I really would love your help.

I have been asked to send a 240 to 300dpi image which is approx 25cm on the shorter side. My image is 300 dpi but is approx 17 cm on the shorter side. How do I change this to 25 cm without reducing the dpi. When i uncheck resample and enter 25cm the dpi drops to 203.

Also wondering if i should send a jpeg file (3MB) or a tiff file (17MB). They have not specified this.

Please help!!
Thanks in advance

Firstly, Congrats and welcome.

A program like Adobe Photoshop allows you to resize the image to certain dimensions AND a certain DPI.

TIFF has a better quality, since JPG uses compression. So if they can handle the larger file size, I’d go for TIFF.

Try with IrfanView…good luck!..

i use pixresizer for resizing all my pics + changing formats

If you have Windows XP then I recommend using the Image Resizer Powertoy from Microsoft. It intergrates into the context menu (i.e. right-click menus) and is very simple to use. It is also free. here’s a link:

Thank you all for responding. Am gonna try the various advice and see what works