Resize avator

I’m trying to resize an avator, it’s 55 x 69 pixels, i’ve been trying to do it with photoshop elements 3 & paint :confused: , i can resize it but i loose the animation. It’s getting saved as a gif.

Am i using the right programs or not ??

:bow: :bow:

Any ideas

PS: would the Tax man let me off with the extra 5 pixels high. lol (no)

I like using the image resizer which is part of the Xp powertoys package. Although I don’t recall if it stops animates gifs. It’s at the download section at

Thanks for the reply, dl ed image resizer and resized smaller but it didn’t work, the animation has stopped.

Thanks for the try :slight_smile:

You could try Gifworks. One thing tho, untick DHTML menus.


Cheers \\VH////, you’ve come to my rescue again :bow: :bow: :bigsmile:

hehe again np. I used that site to resize my avtar. It was 200x200 once :bigsmile:


I liked the one you had, the sphere with the spikes.

Yeah so do I, that one will go back when I bored of this one.


yep. guess they never added that feature, its a great tool, but not for animations… oh well I am glad you have found a solution though :wink: