Resize Aspect Ration lock?

Apologies if I’m missing the obvious here - I’ve got a HP Hx4700 PocketPC and I’m using Recode2 to get some of my DVDs down to “Portable” mpeg4 format.

The Portable profile has a max size of 352x… my PocketPC is one of the newer VGA devices so ideally I’d like to recode them at 640x… if I override the automatic size setting, how come I always need to calculate one or the other size to manually enter. e.g. if I enter 640 as the width, why can’t it automatically adjust the height to keep the correct aspect???

Thanks for any advice.


Your PocketPC may have a larger screen, but does it actually have enough horsepower to decode the larger video!?

Yes, it can, also thanks to the fantastic BetaPlayer software which can play just about anything on a PocketPC :slight_smile:

Lack of aspect ratio lock still a pain in Recode though :wink: