Resize a m2ts file without loosing quality

what program will just resiz a m2ts file and remake it back to the same file type without loosing to much quality
I am trying to make a blue ray disc . with 5 files and they are just a bit to large to fit

If you happen to have an entire blu ray movie…the complete structure, you can use BDRebuilder to shrink the size of the movie to fit a 25gb blu ray disk, or go to double or single layer dvds sizes.

If all you have are the m2ts files, you might want to look at Ripbot264 or AVCHDCoder to re-encode them and reduce their size.

what I have done is convert some dvd files to m2ts format but collectivly they became to large to fit on a 50g bluray disc
so what required is just reduce a couple
the program requires the final to be m2ts format to convert

Are you converting dvd-video over to H264 then? The file sizes should be much, much smaller in H264 than the original dvds.

Can’t say I understand what you are doing. What program are you using and exactly what format are you going to? m2ts can be blu ray or AVCHD.

Power director and used avchd 1440*1080 and it greatly improver the quality of the old dvd file but it gave a huge size file
there are 4 files equivelent to one hour average ech in dvd

Converting to 1440 x 1080 is spinning your wheels needlessly. You cannot make true HD material from a standard definition source like dvd-video. It will not produce a high quality output and once you see it on a large screen, you’ll see that it is inferior. Better to let your tv or player upscale the standard def to match the resolution of the screen.