Resistance PS3 game uses 22 gigabytes of Blu-ray disc

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to Ryan Schneider, spokesman for Insomniac Games, “Resistance: Fall of Man”
Blu-ray PS3 game is making good use of the new format, using up a massive 22
gigabytes for music,…

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22 Gb, come on the game graphics would have to be almost real-life

10GB for the DRM measures. :+

Me foresees a rip in no time… of course on a single layer DVD-R. Anyone remember the first PS2 games ? regards, Stephen

without implying any sort of innuendo, “it’s not the size that matters” some of my favorite games are from the NES days, and were no more than 1/2 a MB or less. of course, I do have the feeling that Sony, while having the far superior format, again, will lose to the majority (HD-DVD) when it’s all said and done.

It really isn’t about size. Anyone still remember some really great games on the C64 that would fit on a 170 KB floppy disc?

>>>> this game will be PS3/Blu-ray only

21.8GB of HD FMV

lol yeah the game is probably only 5 GIGs because its shit (has anyone veen heard of it before this?) and 17 Gb for DRM and trash to make blu-ray look so good. they have to do this, or else people will see that BD is a waste of space, and there are currently no game that needs that much.

ah remember the good old days of 16k ram, AND games that actually played and got you hooked. They were the days when a programmer had to work hard for his money, now they are just two lazy. I’m not a programmer but i would bet a million this game would fit in less than half the space if they tried. Anyone heard of MP3, and yet they still release albums on 2 disks or 3 etc.

Maybe the game is 21 Gigs because the graphics are not compressed at all because they could not figure out how to make their code run on the PS3’s extra processors so they decided to lay off the graphics processing by not compressing their graphics models at all. That really makes no sence, look at WorldOfWarcraft or EverQuest 2. Both has good graphics, lots of sound and music files plus HUGE mads with tons off different enemies, cloths, character layouts and all that great stuff and i am sure that game patched with the new expation packs are less then 10 Gigs.

“Pointing to the fact that HD-DVD cannot store this much information on a single layer disc, he kind of threw some sand in Microsoft and Toshiba’s eyes. He said for this reason of extra storage capacity, this game will be PS3/Blu-ray only.” Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought dual-layer HD-DVD are already available so the current capacity of HD-DVD is more than blu-ray… “While the music and vocals in “Resistance” take up only about 1 Gigabyte of disc space, graphics, level data and programming code occupy most of the remaining 21.” I call bullshit, unless by graphics they mean in game HD videos. Doom 3 SDK is only 5MB zipped, Far Cry SDK is only 34MB zipped, the rest is just fvsking data, textures, sound and music. You can bullshit 13 year old kiddies, but not me.

does anyone know the transfer rates a blue ray drive can do as if all the important game data and graphics used the 21gb it would need some serious data transfer off that disc to play the games. As someone mentioned they probably have the videos in uncompressd format just to make it look like it uses the disc space that blueray has. sony Fcuk me off with this bullshit the technology is purley designed for DRM purposes. Fcuk fancy 3d graphics give me PLAYABILTY as whilst the games may be pretty now there incredbly boring and unoriginal. Is it me or has the games industry run out of ideas for new games?

Using MPEG2 instead of VC1 :slight_smile:

good point! where are the new games, i still play Mario brothers but the current times games, tomb raider all the way, im obsessed with them. most games besides car games suck any more.

With the slow transfer rate of the BD drive on the PS3, let’s hope that all that data is FMV. If it’s graphics and code, you’ll spend a long, long time staring at loading screens.

Staring at loading screens that say “$ony rules, BluRay wins and I own your money kids”, hehe. :+ Anyway, back to the roots, yeah I also remember the C64 days, many of us spent hours and days to save some memory and processor power just to produce fantastic demos and games. Those games had some original idea and coders worked hard. Nowadays I see the games are getting bigger and have superb graphics without any idea, plus most programmers are just to lazy and rely on faster hw. So I still prefer some older games with not so superb graphics but with a nice gameplay. regards, Stephen

At least they’ve gotten some free press…

Bluray doesnt have a slow transfer speed you moron. 2x bluray is somet like 32x dvd or similar. idiots

The only thing that has changed from the current gen games like on the PS2 and Xbox1 to the next gen games is the game graphics. And there in no origionality in these next gen games. I remember playing GTA on the PS1 it hadnt got fancy graphics but was a lot of fun. Then came the PS2 and GTA3 which blew me away but look at the 360 comared to the Xbox1 there isnt much of a change just prettier graphics whatever happened to origionality in games:(