Resident Evil Apocolypse



Hi Everyone
Im Having Problems Backing Up Resident Evil It Says There Is An Invalid Navigation. It Wont Even Play On My Home Pc. Ive Tried The One At Work And It Plays Fine On That. Any Ideas On What Im Missing Would Be Gratefully Received.


There are many many discussion threads about this specific title, (and the ARccOS new protection in general)
easy solutions too :wink:


Indeed, a quick search of the forum would have provided the answers you need. I’ll save you the trouble this time: each of AnyDVD, DvdFab and the freeware Dvd Decrypter have been recently updated to deal with (and defeat) the new ARccOS protection used on Resident Evil.

I don’t know which of these, if any you use but if you upgrade to the latest version of any of those 3 programs you will be able to rip and copy your dvd successfully.